Fortunately, there is no racing event in the Olympic Games, otherwise I will definitely represent the national team to participate in the Olympic racing. Within a month, my book will be banned from sale, so as not to occupy the glory of the Olympic Games. However, I have been looking forward to the protection of intellectual property rights in China for a long time. After waiting for many years, I finally saw the dawn. Although this dawn is not sprinkled on everyone who should enjoy intellectual copyright. However, I attach great importance to the overall situation and national interests. I will not ask the state to protect my intellectual copyright, nor will I ask the state to crack down on thousands of pirated copies of my 100 fake books. Compared with the Olympics, what is my loss? Compared with the sponsors, what is my tax. I have a dream. I want to sponsor the Olympics. If I sell copyright, sell cars, sell houses and sell myself to become a small sponsor of the Olympic Games, then the country finally finds out that a person who writes a book also has intellectual copyright, so help me to crack down on piracy, so that I will become the only writer who has intellectual copyright in China. Finally Out of Asia (2008-07-22 02:53:00) Although it has been nearly ten years since my debut, I have many opportunities and invitations to visit the backwardness and corruption of capitalist countries such as Europe and the United States every year, but I have never been there, only the year before last, I went to a circle of Asian countries because I participated in Formula BMW Asia. There is only one reason not to go to Europe and America,Theobromine Powder, that is, it takes too long to fly. This time, I finally couldn't push it, so I went to Australia or the Asia-Pacific region at the invitation of 7up and Wanrong Company. My idea is to go to sleep, because I have no interest in traveling with a tour group. But because of the tight schedule of activities, I came back in 6 days, so I had to change hotels almost every day, and I was forced not to sleep in the hotel. The content is nothing more than a half-day cruise on the Huangpu River,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, climbing the Oriental Pearl Tower to see the night scenery, going to the City God Temple to buy souvenirs, and taking a group photo on the Bund. I often sleep in the car. The happiest thing every day is to play the killing game together in the evening. Friends who returned home said that the game was out of date. This reminds me of last year when I solemnly recommended that a new game I found, CS, was fun. Finally, six days later, I returned home. I went back to the countryside to see my grandparents, who were walking the golden retriever at home. China is better. As a farmer, he has neither farmland nor land. He is like a fairy. I also heard the broadcast in the car. It was a song-ordering station. The hostess said: Well, two listeners have called in to order songs. One listener wants to order Liu Ruoying's "Later", and the other wants to order the Flower Band's "Happy Brush". Then we will send a song "Welcome to Beijing" to these two listeners. I believe everyone will like it.. In addition, two friends wanted to drive to Shanghai to play. They said they had brought a few bottles of wine. They asked me if I could not bring them because of the strict control around Beijing recently. I said it's no problem for you to go out of Beijing. I can't guarantee whether Beijing welcomes you or not, but Beijing will certainly send you off. Two or three things (2008-08-02 04:23:08) First, Zhang Yueran asked me to write an article for her theme book "Carp" for a long time. The theme of the article was jealousy. I thought about it for half a month, Kava Root Extract ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but I couldn't think of it anyway. She said that everyone had handed in their manuscripts one after another, and you were the only one left. I said that I really couldn't think of anyone I was jealous of. If I wrote like a God, I would not write at all, so that other authors would be jealous of me. Once again, I would like to recommend this book, Carp. Secondly, a friend of Southern Weekend asked me to send a recruitment notice by the way. Southern Weekend is recruiting people recently. The requirements are as follows: Familiar with the wharf (familiar with Beijing, or Shanghai, or Guangzhou) Familiar with people (familiar with cultural circles, entertainment circles, music circles and design circles are preferred) Proficient in kungfu (skillful writing ability and foreign language ability are naturally the proper meaning of the topic) Warrant, please: For example, if you feel that the temperature is high recently and you are ripe, you can try it. The third is the recent Shanghai Book Fair, which is also the time for writers from all walks of life to relax, but because I was an instructor in the first training session of the venue competition during this period, I can't attend. Please also pay attention to Rao Xueman's new book "Song of Departure". Fourthly, a national reading survey was released recently, and thanks to the readers'favor, I ranked fourth among the readers' favorite authors. The first three are the undisputed Jin Yong, Lu Xun and Qiongyao. Some reporters asked me what I thought, but I didn't respond. There were also some strange people who wrote articles lamenting the way of the world, saying that Bing Xin, Cao Xueqin, Du Fu, Li Bai and others were out of the top ten instead, expressing their worries about not going abroad. I think it's like a sport. Pele Maradona Zidane plays well, but as an audience, he always likes to watch the game now. No matter how good the video of the former stars is, it's just a video. People like to watch videos more than live broadcasts. That's the misfortune of the country. Of course, this metaphor is not appropriate. The reason why it is not appropriate is that it is too flattering to use Bailey as a metaphor for some so-called masters who have been canonized. However, there is no problem with these writers, but some people who require us to read ancient books are really annoying. What to say to these strange people? The world is ours and theirs, but in the final analysis it is not yours. Does it look good? (2008-08-04 02:12:44) Recently, I saw the dress for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Chinese Olympic Games, and as everyone said, it was like scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Whether this looks good or not is, of course, a matter of personal aesthetics. My personal aesthetic is that it is ugly. In the design of the Olympic Games, I personally think the emblem and medals are beautiful, while the Fuwa and this dress are ugly. The ugliness of Fuwa is because it is our first time to do the design related to the Olympic Games. It is the mascot at the beginning, so there is a lot of pressure, and we have to add a lot of symbolic elements. I personally think that the mascot is mainly a national characteristic, cute and easy to recognize. If it must be unique to China, then even if the panda has been used in the Asian Games,Sex Enhancement Powder, it can still be used again, and the panda can also be modified. By 2008, the material has increased all of a sudden. The dragon and tiger and the strong pig are better than the Fuwa. Who can remember what is on the head of the Fuwa.