Xiang Guogong looked at him, as if rather worried to frown: "Su son, you this is how..." Then he looked at the middle-aged man who was waiting beside him and said, "Du Zhong, help the young master to go. Don't let the young master fall. The wound on his body is not completely healed." Du Zhong nodded and helped Mei Su, who was walking a little unsteadily, to walk out of the Chamber of Secrets. He sighed, "Young Master, you've always been a good drinker. Why are you drunk?" Meisu laughed in a low voice, and there was some desolation in his smile: "If the wine is not drunk, everyone will be drunk." Du Zhong was at a loss. Then he turned his head and looked at Xiangguo Gong. He was facing Xiangguo Gong's cold eyes. He nodded and helped Mei Su out. Xiang Guogong looked at his back, and then looked at the wine on his table. Then he picked up the glass and poured a glass for himself: "Su Er, it's not that my uncle is cruel. It's just that the Du family needs to catch their breath most now. In the future, my uncle will help you revenge." After a pause, he gulped down the wine in one gulp, and a murderous look flashed through his eyes: "The autumn leaves must be cut into pieces." …… Eucommia helped Meisu all the way to the clean room near the secret room. All right, I'll go in myself. Meisu nudged Eucommia ulmoides and tried to walk into the room, but he stumbled and fell straight to the ground. Childe,portable gold wash plant, be careful! Eucommia watched him fall, as if to reach out to help, but did not hold, the fundus flashed a trace of cold light, the voice is very gentle and worried: "Childe, how are you?" I don't know.. Just dizzy. Meisu seemed to feel a little uncomfortable, shaking his head constantly,coltan ore processing, as if to shake off those uncomfortable feelings. Maybe he drank too much? Eucommia fundus flashed a strange look, once again bent down, as if to hold Meisu, but in the hands of a slender needle toward Meisu's neck. But he didn't want Meisu to suddenly raise his hand and knock it on the back of his hand, which made his wrist numb and the needle in his hand fell to the ground. When he reacted, he turned his face and saw Mesu looking at him coldly, looking like he had drunk too much. Du Zhong turned pale with fright and wanted to shout, but he saw a folding fan in Meisu's hand suddenly facing him. Before the end of Du Zhong's life, what he saw in his eyes was that countless cow hairs were flying against his face, and a layer of drizzle fell on his face. Then His body stiffened and he fell limply to the ground. The Duke of Xiangguo looked at the time and found that Du Zhong had been gone for a long time. He frowned slightly and got up to go outside the Chamber of Secrets. At the same time, he said, "Du Zhong, why have you been gone for so long.." But he didn't want to see Du Zhong fall to the ground as soon as he stepped out of the door. Xiang Guogong turned pale with fright, gold shaking table ,gold CIP machine, immediately a few strides past, reach out under Du Zhong's nose, is not breathing! His face was suddenly pale. "Somebody!" He snapped. Outside the secret passage, several dead men with knives rushed in immediately. As soon as they saw Du Zhong lying on the ground, they knew something had happened. One of them folded his fists and said, "Master?" "Mesu has run away. He can't run far. Go and search all our secret strongholds at once. We must catch him!" The Duke of Xiangguo looked unusually gloomy, and his eyes were full of anger and incomprehension. That Mei Su clearly used the poisonous wine in his Mandarin duck flagon, how can there be nothing? …… "Even such a fourth-rate thing as the Mandarin duck flagon dares to show off his incompetence in front of the childe." An old voice sneered. Then, an old man turned to look at the young man sitting on the stool: "Xiangguo Gong really looked down on you, and completely unaware of your value!" " Their own childe is what kind of person, Qimen Dun Jia, the world's few organs he can not solve! Meisu sat in a dark secret room, looking at the angry face of Xiangguo Gong in the mirror, his eyes shining with cold light: "Uncle.." In his eyes, not surnamed Baili or not surnamed Du, all have their own value that can be abandoned when they are used up. In fact, he did not go far at all, but in another hidden secret room in the tunnel of Xiangguo Gong's residence. Xiangguogong mansion has a huge complex of tunnels and organs, even directly connected to the palace and outside the city, do not know who built, but most of the tunnel organs are quite complex. He is also slowly groping to discover that this tunnel mechanism is absolutely built by a superior. Now he is on the ground for the government everywhere wanted to kill, come and go with the help of these tunnels to save a lot of trouble. But now he was in a secret room that even the Duke of Xiangguo himself did not know existed. Why don't you kill the Duke of Xiangguo and seize control of the Du family? The Empress Dowager will never be so cruel to you. Old Qin looked at Xiangguogong outside all kinds of arrangements to pursue Meisu's plan, eyes flashed cold. Mei Su laughed in a low voice: "Mr. Qin, don't you know, I killed a Duke of Xiangguo, and my uncles and cousins, do you think the Du family is so easy to seize into my hands, not to mention.." After a pause, he looked at the Duke of Xiangguo in the mirror with a sarcastic smile on his lips. "My grandmother loves me and doesn't have the heart to attack me. But that's before I harm the interests of the Du family. If I kill my uncle, my grandmother's own brother, do you think she will think that I am ambitious and threaten the Du family?" Mr. Qin was silent for a moment. "You are a clever man," he said lightly. "Oh.." After all, my surname is neither Du nor Baili. Meisu lowered his eyes wearily, and his eyes flashed a trace of desolation. Childe's talent is enough to regulate the family, govern the country and make the world peaceful, but it's these ridiculous identities that make you rigid. If Childe can't carry it, he will follow the wishes of those people. Old Qin is light and authentic. I know. A lot of people want me dead. Meisu snorted, and his cold eyes flashed a sharp and mournful light. He chuckled in a cold voice. "But in this world, no one can take my life unless I want to, never!" Even if there is no first-class martial arts, even if he is penniless now,Carbon in Pulp, but as long as he is here, there will be a comeback! He did not want the wealth at all. If he could earn it at the beginning, he would get more tomorrow. ore-magnetic-mining.com