In Betwixt, the WoTLK Classic Gold realm of the Shaman there are no Shaman summons. Shaman summons are replaced by a Spirit Jellyfish, while the Shaman's Spirit Wolf form will now be called "dog." Blizzard notes that the Betwixt Realms are full of mysteries, and fellow Shamans can help each other to unravel by leaving messages that "would never mislead or deceive you at any time."

Of course, these are all jokes based on From Software's critically-acclaimed game, taking inspiration from all sorts of things from Elden Ring's currency rune to players who are constantly calling every animals within Elden Ring as "dog" using Elden Ring's message system.

While the Elden Ring jokes definitely stand out, there's many other puns to be found throughout Blizzard's April Fool's Day patch notes. Namely, the name for this fake patch itself is in reference to name of the newly released Eternity's End update.

The other jokes involve WoW Classic getting a new season of "Intermittent Fasting" in which food buffs can only be earned during the afternoon. The game also has a new character arriving to the game: known as the "Tinker Leaker." This is a class focused on predictions that specialises in short-term assurances and future assurances regarding what's to come for WoW itself. Its names and appearances change at the end of each encounter so that future "predictions" can be made with more convincing power. With the upcoming WoW expansion reveal on the World of Warcraft , Reddit and various forums are abuzz these past months with information that is believed to be insider knowledge about the future of the game being shared by the so-called "leakers," which seems to have resulted in Blizzard having a little fun with its buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold community members with this new leak-focused class.