Due to the general sub-health state caused by the fast pace of life of modern people, more and more people pay attention to health, so they choose to spend their spare time in the gym, and exercise has gradually become a normal way of life. Compared with traditional fitness methods, EMS fitness continues to break through traditional fitness concepts.

EMS training suit principle

EMS is simply electrical muscle stimulation. The EMS training suit is a device that directly stimulates the muscles through micro-current, and continuously passes the brain commands to make the muscles achieve contraction and relaxation. The device simulates the same micro-current signals sent by the brain when our body moves and transmits it to the muscles, causing motor nerves and muscle fibers to contract and relax. Although there is current transmission, the device has adjusted the micro-current signal similar to the human body signal, so there will be no static feeling. It's just that the muscles do not pass through the brain, but through EMS fitness equipment to achieve contraction and relaxation.


The use of EMS training clothes is different from the use of heavy equipment or repeated general training with large amplitude and force. EMS training does not use heavy equipment and has a small range of motion. It only induces the contraction of muscle fibers itself through micro-current signals, so it will not damage ligaments or ligaments. The joints will also minimize the possibility of injury that may be caused by the use of sports equipment.


EMS training clothing manufacturer

EMS Fitness Process

1. Guests need to take off all clothes (including underwear) and put on the cotton short-sleeved shorts provided by the manufacturer;

2. When the guests go to change their clothes, the coach should spray warm water on each electrode to ensure conductivity.

3. Wear the device and debug the current intensity of each electrode sheet.

4. Simple warm-up and start training. Generally, light weight or bare-handed training movements are used.

5. At the end of the training, take off the equipment and cool down and stretch.


Nowadays, people's life has become more convenient and efficient due to the intervention of science and technology. As the fresh blood of the fitness industry, ems fitness can quickly capture a group of loyal users in China in a short period of time, and also shows its effect. and charm. At present, the target group seems to be mostly fashion people, busy business people and tech fitness advocates, but EMS training clothes still have a lot of development in the future.


Wireless EMS Training Suit


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