Plastic Logistics Boxes and their products are one of the most developed sectors of the economy today. It's fair to say that almost everything sold today relies on the production of Plastic Logistics Boxes in some way. These types of pallets and containers are used in industry, commerce, and service, and the modern world cannot do without them.

  Nestable lid trays are Plastic Logistics Boxes, ideal for the transport and storage of high-quality goods. These boxes are made of sturdy PP (polypropylene) and meet the logistical needs of many industries. Delivery containers are ideal for packing goods and moving.

  The possibility of sealing increases their functionality. The container has the possibility of sealing, which means that the goods inside are always protected. These boxes also feature an integrated 2-part hinged lid, thus preventing theft of high-risk or high-value cargo. They are ideal distribution boxes for a wide range of applications in production, trade, and service.

  Currently, sealed Plastic Logistics Boxes are used in many industries because of their many advantages in product storage and reduced packaging costs. Advantages of nesting containers with lids include:

  Install security seals to protect high-value goods in transit. The locking seal on the lid prevents the lid from opening, closing the plastic container, and sealing it. You can easily check whether the contents of the plastic box have been accessed during distribution; if the seal is broken, the container has been opened by unauthorized personnel. Thanks to the solid construction of the pallet, all of your products will be well protected during domestic or foreign shipment. This is especially useful if you are carrying high-value items.

  Converting single-use cardboard boxes to reusable plastic pallets will help you save money by reducing supply chain costs. Each plastic box can of course replace hundreds of individual cartons because you can use it multiple times. It is also more durable. These containers are maintenance-free, save disposal or installation costs (such as stripes), and can be used to save valuable space during return shipping. The savings are also because you don't have to buy these plastic lid containers right away, but you can quickly and easily rent them at Rotom for individual events or deliveries.

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