Aluminum processing is a prerequisite for the aluminum profile frame project, and these aluminum processing devices are the basic hardware required by an aluminum processing factory. What are the basic equipment for aluminum processing?? Today, Xiaobian will share with you some important equipment for aluminum processing, so that you will not be so strange to aluminum processing.

1. Aluminum cutting machine

As the name implies, the aluminum laser cutting machine is used to cut profiles. Generally, the aluminum materials just extruded are 6.02 meters long, while the aluminum materials required for aluminum profile frame engineering are both long and short. Therefore, the frame must be cut before it is assembled. Aluminum profiles also need to be cut. Now ordinary aluminum processing plants can control the cutting error within+- 0.3mm.

2. Aluminum tapping machine

Aluminum tapping machine is actually a machine tool that uses a tap to process internal threads, usually called tapping holes. It is a widely used internal thread processing machine. At present, the development of domestic aluminum tapping machine is relatively mature, with various forms, mainly tapping various types of threaded holes.

3. Aluminum profile punch

Aluminum punches are what we call punches. In many cases, the assembly of aluminum sheet metal frames requires bolts, and some require threaded holes. Others are unnecessary. For example, on some plates, it is OK to drill holes with the correct diameter at the specified position. The punch can not only drill holes, but also bend plates or profiles.
In fact, there are many aluminum processing equipment. We will introduce them one by one next time.