Clutch packs have similar settings and components, whether light, medium, or heavy-duty. However, in heavy-duty applications, there may be two clutch discs to meet the need for increased torque capacity. Light and most medium vehicles tend to have only one. Increased horsepower and traction essentials are required in heavy-duty applications, which is why there are usually two clutch discs.

Clutch life can vary widely depending on the application, towing frequency, heavy loads, and stop-and-go traffic. However, clutch pedal behavior and clutch performance can help diagnose problems before driving becomes dangerous.

Here are some common signs and symptoms that your clutch system may need attention:

1) The clutch pedal is soft, sticky, or loose

2) The clutch pedal loses free to play.

3) Difficulty shifting gears

4) Difficulty reversing

5) Temporary acceleration loss or slip

6) Any abnormal sound when pressing the clutch pedal

Driving with a failed clutch is dangerous and can get you into trouble. Therefore, it is necessary for you to carry out an inspection and maintenance for replacement.

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