The cavalrymen roared with laughter, one of them in fiery red armor, like.. The man who was a ringleader laughed wildly. "Ling Xiao.." Viscount? Ha, recently there have been three waves of bandits pretending to be Viscount Ling Xiao to rob the city, causing huge losses to the city of Penzes, who knows who you are, can you have His Majesty's will? The instrument of canonization? If not.. "Show him!" From the window of the carriage, Chunlan handed the king his majesty's canonization. Hand out the book Ling Wu took it and walked over with a fearless face. He came to the knight's horse in the red armor of a coquettish bag and said lightly, "You.." Is that the way to follow His Majesty's orders? "Under the armor..". It's hard to salute. Please, pass it to me. The knight's face was hidden by the visor of his helmet, and his eyes shone with undisguised contempt. As soon as Ling Wu's complexion changed, he was about to drink and scold, but when he saw that the knight's complexion was happy, he immediately felt a shock in his heart and scolded in his heart: These bastards are so bold! You want to kill someone in this way? Thought, Ling Wu smiled indifferently, walked over, handed over the document, a pair of hands, but pressed on the waist of the steel sword above, as long as the knight general slightly changed, he will immediately hand! The knight general took the document with a big thorn, then opened it. He only took one look at it and shouted, "This is a fake!"! How dare you pretend to be nobles? You really don't know whether you are alive or dead. Brothers,side impact beams, rush for me. He wanted to tear up the canonization document in his hand and the king's decree! "Bastard, how dare you!" The steel sword brush in Ling Wu's hand was unsheathed, and he cut the hind legs of the horse under the crotch of the knight general! At the same time, the knight general felt his hands empty, at the same time a light body, now he was caught out of thin air! The other side can fly! The knight general's eyes are about to crack, and they actually have a master of the magic swordsman! Uncle Fu was carrying the knight general in one hand. His body was like a big bird. He suddenly flew over and left lightly. He used the knight general in red armor to the ground. He sneered, "a thing that tries to please the public with claptrap. When you go to the battlefield, the enemy can kill you with one arrow!"! Idiot At the same time,Cold Drawn Tubes, the knight general's horse was cut off by Ling Wu's sword, and fell to the ground with a crazy roar! Blood splashed high, the air was filled with a thick smell of blood, and the knights who had just prepared to charge quickly reined in their horses. Tie him up to me! Ling Wu wiped a handful of horse blood splashed on his face, shouted at his men, and then swaggered back. Suddenly five or six Tiger Roaring commandos rushed over and quickly stripped off the knight general's armor. Then they kicked him aside. Someone scolded him: "Uncle Fu is right. You are an idiot. He thinks how different he is. He is a fool!" He was stripped of his armor, revealing the face of the man inside. He was a young man of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, very handsome, with a golden flowing head, fair skin, and a pair of peach blossom eyes that looked a little charming. Another member of the team laughed and said, "Haha, it's a fake woman!" The knight general was so angry that his face turned blue. "You dare to insult me," he said angrily. "I'm from the Knights of Penzes.. Pow! Ah The knight general's voice did not fall, was slapped in the face by the soldier, the hand is extremely heavy, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact door beams, immediately hit the knight general's face swollen up. What's the noise! Did I let you talk? The soldier looked at the knight general with a tough face, his eyes were provocative, and he said, "If you have the ability to say it again, I will beat you again!"! The knight general was stunned by a slap, slightly open mouth, eyes full of disbelief, let the soldiers tie him up, a little struggle, there is a hard kick immediately, and then a scolding, the knight general immediately honest, dare not move, the atmosphere is not out. The knights on the opposite side were also silly, and the gate guards who hid aside to watch the fun were even more silly. After Ling Wu walked back, the knight general looked at him with fire-breathing eyes, his most beloved horse was cut off a hind leg by this man's sword, watching that he could not live, the knight for the horse, is equivalent to Wu for the sword, and after all, the sword is dead, but the horse is a living life.. But he has become a prisoner of others, the knight generals are also dare not speak out, can only look forward to this middle-aged man who is the leader can speak some sense. Unfortunately, his good wishes came to nothing in the next moment. Ling Wu walked back with an angry look on his face and kicked the knight general to the ground. When he saw the red armor with a bright and clean surface next to him, he kicked it angrily and flew into his team. He scolded, "How dare you!"! How dare you slander our viscount and lie about His Majesty's will? Who gave you enough courage? A few of Ling Wu's men over there were very quick to take away the red armor in full view of the public. They saw that it was the best stuff. They didn't want it for nothing. They muttered in their mouths, "Damn, it's really unlucky. It's bloody. Is that man an idiot?"? You have to paint it another color to use it! Ling Wu looked coldly at the knight general with a murderous look on his face and said, "Say it!" "Say.." Say what? Knight generals know that they are hit on the iron plate, feelings of this group of people on every reasonable person! Originally he felt that he was unreasonable enough, had already planned, until Ling Xiao their troops arrived, first let a few guards tease them, waiting for them to be angry, and then he came out with a large group of cavalry, to hand over his majesty's will and documents. If they don't hand in, directly ordered the attack, anyway, the Lord of the city ordered down, as long as don't hurt the carriage people, other people regardless of life and death, must be mercilessly humiliated the face of Ling Xiao! If you hand it over, you will tear it up unreasonably! Say is false, when the time comes to have the Lord of the city to protect, it is not a big deal, this place is the world of the two royal Highnesses, and the Lord of the city is the two royal Highnesses! Although the two royal Highnesses did not say anything, but a good big city was taken away like this, the two royal Highnesses will feel comfortable? This knight will calculate thousands of calculations,aluminium coated tubes, but did not calculate that the other side was even more unreasonable than him, this is not to say, people actually have a magic swordsman driving a car!.