I saw Ling Han finally did it. The emissary of the God king "face excited kneel directly in the flight than one" your majesty, you can be regarded as out, if not out again I will be worried to death, your majesty's order if I do not complete then I will go back after the head will fall, since your majesty you have come out, then we do not delay between, as soon as possible to refine the God island his majesty is waiting there! " Ling Han laughed and said, "I was too sleepy this morning. I overslept. I'm really sorry for the messenger. Let's go quickly!"! Don't keep His Majesty waiting too long. "All right, all right, I'll lead the way for His Majesty." At this time, the messenger of God's wife had already lost the momentum when the net came. Ling Han led the crowd to follow the emissary out of the Dragon Valley. As soon as the emissary of the God King came out of the Dragon Valley, he snorted, "Wow!" Make a complete change. Turned into a huge "cow" and then turned to Ling Han and others and said: "Your Majesty, please lead your men to sit on my body!" As soon as Ling Han saw the cow, he felt more cordial, because there was no such creature in the land of Forcible Card. He had never seen it since he came to this different time and space. The prototype of Bido and Bhikkhu was a pig, which was why Ling Han liked them very much. Ling Han suddenly had a feeling of sudden enlightenment. How similar the creature of the divine world was to the earth where he had lived? Looking at the flowers and trees around you,secondary containment pallet, you can name everything by yourself. Messenger, then we won't stand on ceremony! Ling Han laughed in a good mood and jumped directly on the back of the cow, followed by Domingo and Lampock, followed by Long Er, Blood Er, Nan Hai three daughters, and then Li Shijin and others. Nan Weng originally wanted to fly by himself,plastic pallet crates, but he was persuaded by the messenger of the God king. It turned out that even the dragon clan in the God world did not have the privilege of flying. The Biduobi soldier clan had the magic talent of space and could cross at will, while the "stubborn clan" of the messenger of the God king had the talent: "fly at will in the God world!" This emissary of the God king is a member of the stubborn clan. Because of his limited talent, his strength is so low that he can only pull the cart when the God king goes out. However, because he is silly by nature, he is stupid and often has some situations. So later, he was demoted by the God king to the fire department of the temple. Xiang was in charge of purchasing in the imperial kitchen of Ling Han's palace. The God king's right-hand man was responsible for selecting, and he was responsible for pulling goods! It is really not a glorious thing that the stubborn people can get to this point. The main reason why the God king would give him an order was that he was stupid enough. The God king wanted to use his stupidity to humiliate Ling Han. However, the God king, who was far away from the island of refining gods, knew through divine examination that the fool who had been humiliated was actually "himself". Looking at the messenger he sent there, he felt that he had really sent the wrong person this time. The God king with a regretful face really wanted to kill Ling Han and others as soon as they arrived at the island of refining gods. Only in this way can we avoid our worries, but "after all, plastic bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, our identity is the God King, and the strength of our colleagues is generally very weak.". However, if you run away one or two, you will have a hard time. After all, people's words are awesome. Although you are the Lord of the divine world, you are also afraid that others will say that you have assassinated the practitioners from the human world. The God King is very entangled. Because he was afraid that Ling Han and others could come out of the island alive, because he also found the plasticity of Ling Han and others, Ling Han's strength he could see very clearly, ten years old, nine-level sword saint, law God, recall when he was ten years old, "the past can not be recalled.". Stubborn's talent is to fly, not only can fly, but also fly very steadily, fly very fast! Although there is some distance between Shenlong Valley and Lianshen Island, if Ling Han and others walk, I'm afraid it will take at least ten days, but the speed of flying dragged by the stubborn clansmen is naturally not the same, just two hours to fly. Ling Han has a feeling of flying on the earth. From taking off to landing, this tall and stupid cow has always been very steady. Two hours later, Ling Han and others arrived at the island of refining gods. The island of refining gods is located in a very special position in the divine world. It is surrounded by an unknown liquid. It is said that these liquids can make the sacred wood that can easily float on any water surface sink to the bottom. The strong buoyancy of the sacred wood is a hundred times higher than that of feathers. And around the refining island of this liquid is continuous for hundreds of kilometers, the people who came to the refining island to practice that is extremely, all kinds of methods have been used, and finally there is no enough channel to reach the refining island. Until suddenly one day, a wise and intelligent practitioner of the divine world thought of a way, that is, to make a bamboo raft with the divine wood, step on it, with the help of the buoyancy of the divine wood, and then move his body's power to the island of refining God Mengge. No one knows that the island is a mysterious kind of chess game. (The book is sunned and sunken.) The body clam is different. "Choose this person to talk about refining the divine bird and come back!"! After the skill rises greatly, the whole "also only knows that the refining island can quickly improve a person's cultivation, but does not know the danger of the refining island.". So a large number of alchemy explorers became more and more, until more and more people died on the island of alchemy. Refining the island to become those who have superior strength to dare to enter, but even in the entire divine world are counted on the master after entering the refining island also killed and wounded countless, no matter how many people enter, but often or leave almost no one. So far, there are only three people who can leave the island alive, and the present God King is one. The first entrant of Alchemy Island is one. The remaining one is naturally the father of the dragon, Aro Jinjue,plastic pallet price, the hero of the divine world, and the strongest in the history of the divine world. Ling Han and others sitting on the back of the stubborn cow flew over when Nan Hai accidentally dropped a carry-on Shenmu sign, Ling Han also directed the stubborn cow to fly down to pick up the Shenmu sign. binpallet.com