Chapter 40 Under One Roof (2) A wise man has that advantage of a wise man and the difficulties of a wise man. When Ji Chengyang was peeling potatoes with a small steel knife in the kitchen, he saw the figure of Ji Yi coming in and understood what she had done in the bedroom. She quietly changed into a more beautiful home dress. Ji Chengyang saw this suit when he helped her tidy up her wardrobe. In fact, most of her home clothes were only different in color, but this one was smoky purple, very special, and he naturally had some impression. So He could probably estimate how Ji Yi's mind was changing. This is the so-called "women are the ones who please themselves". Ji Yi came over, his chin gently leaning on his arm, watching him cut potatoes intently, he looked sideways, saw her eyes like a pool of water, really looked so carefully, the body naturally leaned on him. The hair is still slightly wet, sweeping on the back of Ji Chengyang's hand, if at arm's length, gently sweeping. When Ji Chengyang was in high school, he was occasionally treated like this by girls, such as holding a book to talk about a topic or something, or talking close to each other. Sometimes the distance was not good enough,ball valve manufacturer, and he could also touch each other's hair. At that time, he did not have so many feelings, and sometimes he would deliberately mention: "Almost, you can ask the class representative about the next steps." Then pick up the bag and leave, go to the basketball court, or go to the rehearsal hall of the band. At that time, he was Ji Yi's age,pipe fittings manufacturer, and it seemed that most of his adolescence was spent striding forward, and he had no intention of lingering on the scenery around him. Love was not a necessity of life at that stage. Later, when he went to the United States, it was no longer the traditional implicit expression of feelings in China. The most embarrassing time for him was when he first attended a party. He would be touched on the inner thigh by a blonde who had only said hello a few times, or a Chinese girl who was also an overseas student directly asked to accompany him home. He hesitated only once, at the farewell party where he got his college degree. It was a girl who had come to the United States on the same flight with him and had known him for four years. She was a little older than him. That night, he hurriedly picked up his clothes and left the still bustling house because he received a phone call from the internship newspaper. The girl chased him out and asked him in the most subtle way: "I have two job opportunities now, one of which is to stay in this city. Do you think it's worth it for me to stay here and wait for you?" Chinese implicit expression. Ji Chengyang looked at the beautiful and gentle eyes after the other side said this sentence, and saw too much expectation from there. He hesitated for two or three seconds, then said goodbye and drove away. He thought that this was the first time he had been moved by the girl's implicit feelings and had the idea of "not having the heart to refuse", but he only hesitated for two or three seconds and had calmed down. For what? For the four and a half year old girl he had seen when he was thirteen? For him at that time, it could not be the answer. But in the dark, hydraulic fitting supplier ,brass tube fitting, God did give the answer. That summer, he went to Syria. When I returned to China, I met the 11-year-old Ji Yi again. This is the advantage of a wise man, who can always reasonably analyze what he needs at which stage. But when the girl you love expresses her love for you with body language that she doesn't know very well. He couldn't have been unmoved. Even for this reason, they have long been distracted. Ji Chengyang's line of sight fell on the blade, light pieces to a layer of skin, fell in the trash can, there is a ginger potato skin fell outside. Fell out, "Ji Yi smiled, bent down to pick it up, and threw it into the trash can." What can I do for you? " "No," Ji Chengyang lowered his head and touched her forehead with his chin. "Wash your hands, go to read for a while, and dry your hair by the way." "Oh." Ji Yixiao. Ji Chengyang's cooking is not the skill of a top chef, but he is skilled, and eating hot pot does not require much preparation, probably to the time of the news broadcast, they eat. Ji Yi lived at home when he was a child, and his grandfather watched the news broadcast every day. Now he lives in Ji Chengyang's house temporarily, and he occasionally looks at it. The hot pot and the sound of the news broadcast filled the room like a warm home. Ji Yi likes to eat all kinds of vegetables, but also like to throw them in all at once. In the past, when he occasionally ate with his classmates, he was always laughed at as if he was eating Malatang, not hot pot. But Ji Chengyang does not feel anything, the fact is that no matter what Ji Yi does, there will be nothing in his eyes now, he will think in the direction of lovely and interesting, very good and very good. Just an occasional reminder that the meat has just been put down for a while, don't eat it now. Halfway through the meal, Ji Yi began to feel hot, his cheeks flushed, and he kept wiping his sweat with a napkin. Ji Chengyang could not help laughing, the hand holding the chopsticks in front of his mouth, unconcealed, coughed twice. Ji Yi's eyelashes flashed slowly, looking at him, not quite understanding what he was laughing at. In the evening, Ji Chengyang took a bath and came out of the bathroom with long sleeves and sports trousers. He could not find Ji Yi. He walked around the house casually and found that there was a light in the library behind the study. He pushed the door open and saw Ji Yi turn on the light in the middle of the library, and some of the lights on the lower shelves were also on. Ji Yi sat on the carpet, spreading out two or three books at hand. I find that you like to write some words in the books you have read. "Ji Yiyang holds the book in his hand and turns out a bookmark." Da Vinci's notes are also a kind of wealth. He likes to spell in the opposite direction from right to left. Every letter in his pen is reversed on the paper. You need to put a mirror on the paper to identify what he is writing. " She was looking at the old version of Leonardo Da Vinci's biography. Ji Chengyang did have this habit, but he had read the book for so long that he had forgotten what he had written. But he finally understood what Ji Yi was doing,38 needle valve, and she was looking for the traces he had left in the library one by one, to find those Ji Chengyang she could not understand because she was young. She waved. Ji Chengyang walked over and sat cross-legged beside her. You see, you also learned to write a line in the opposite direction. 。