Five princes are aware of Feng Feiyu's life, Wen Yan can not help but Tucao, "Feng Feiyu's father, ah, can not say that Feng Feiyu to return to Jingjiang news scared sick." When Feng Feiyu was young, Feng's father treated his son badly. If he didn't talk about the Confucian things of father and son, the five princes would say in their conscience that what Feng's father did was simply not a person. Of course, after Feng Feiyu's success, Feng's father also had to be good. Every time Feng Feiyu returned to Jingjiang, Feng's father had to be ill. Moreover, he was not pretending to be ill, but really ill. Therefore, the five princes have this statement. Jiang Xingyun does not pay attention to Feng Fu, in Jiang Xingyun's eyes, it is equivalent to a living dead, there is no value worthy of attention. Jiang Xingyun raised his lips. "Concubine Qiu gave King Jingjiang a good idea." "Well, it's really not a wise way to give marriage." Jiang Xingyun's views on marriage, the five princes thought deeply, said, "If Feng Feiyu has two minds, how can a woman stop it?". A letter is a letter, and there is no need to have two words. If you don't believe it, you don't believe it. Why do you need a wife to kiss your daughter? Those who are married now will not give us a chance to be fair to Feng Feiyu at the beginning. Liu Fufeng said, "Although the means of marriage is not clever, it has not humiliated Feng Feiyu's identity." There was nothing wrong with the marriage itself,car radiator cap, but the prince was poisoned in Mu San's house, and Qiu gave advice to Feng Feiyu. It's good for anyone to put forward the idea of giving marriage, but it's not good for Mu Sanxi to put forward it. I wonder if Feng Feiyu knows the inside story here and refuses to give marriage. Jiang Xingyun thought, "Feng Feiyu this person, really let a person think through.". Although the idea of giving marriage was given by Qiu Shi, the object of giving marriage, the mother clan of King Jingjiang's beloved daughter, was the Feng family, who was a cousin of Feng Feiyu and was very close to his grandson. Well,socket screw plug, this marriage seems to be the idea of Mu San, the candidate recommended by Tai Sun. Why did Feng Feiyu refuse this marriage? I'd rather leave the army than refuse this marriage. Although Feng Feiyu left the army to make the king of Fujian quite happy, but, this matter, how to think how suspicious. Even the five princes could not think of the reason why Feng Feiyu refused to marry. Even though Feng Feiyu hated Mu Sanyi, he did not ask Feng Feiyu to marry the princess of Mu Sanyi. But to say that Feng Feiyu's return to Jingjiang was a trap, the five princes did not believe it either. The five princes scratched their chins. "Up to now, the king of Jingjiang can't hide any more cards.". To deal with our trap, deliberately let Feng Feiyu leave the army, I think the possibility is not high. Like our army, no matter how to cooperate with Xingyun's counterplot, I would rather give up Zhejiang than replace Fufeng with someone. Liu Fufeng heard this, Rao is not young, an iron heart through the war, but also to the five princes said a hot heart. Lord Jiang, don't infer Feng Feiyu from common sense. After a pause, Liu Fufeng reminded Jiang Xingyun, deep draw stamping ,Steel investment casting, saying, "I fought with Feng Feiyu personally. Before the two armies, as long as Feng Feiyu appeared, the Jingjiang Army would have the momentum to die. It was totally desperate to fight.". Uncle Li is the first tough general of our army, but according to his bravery, he is still inferior. The man who can make the army die like this is not a man who is greedy for power. Jiang Xingyun agrees with Liu Fufeng, Feng Feiyu is really weak to power, this person every time the war, the victory will be given to his subordinates, the defeat will take the responsibility for the defeat, which is why his subordinates are willing to die. But which general would leave his battlefield so easily? Jiang Xingyun was a general, and her father and grandfather were the people who guarded Xining Pass until they breathed their last breath. Therefore, quite can not understand Feng Feiyu's action. A true general never leaves the battlefield unless he has to. As a last resort, does Feng Feiyu have any reason as a last resort? Jiang Xingyun simply did not want to, no matter what he had to, Jiang Xingyun thought about it, and in the name of the five princes, wrote a second letter to King Jingjiang. This time, the language of the letter to the King of Jingjiang was still straightforward, and it was sent to the King of Jingjiang as a New Year's greeting. The main idea of the second New Year's message to Wang Shu of Jingjiang is: King of Jingjiang, your idea of marrying General Feng is not very clever. If a man wants to seek a future, Wu Qi's killing of his wife is written in the history books. Don't say you are a daughter, you are ten daughters. General Feng wants to reverse, and your daughter can't stop him. There is a man who begged Bai Lai to marry his daughter to General Feng to win her over. What did you do at the beginning? If you had been fair to General Feng, you wouldn't be here today. Also, is it really the King of Jingjiang who came up with the idea of such a sissy marriage? It doesn't look like King Jingjiang's handwriting. It's not the idea of your think tank, Concubine Qiu, is it? Prince was poisoned Mu three mansion, Jingjiang you use Qiu side imperial concubine's idea to give general Feng marriage, ha ha, this idea, is really too clever! Say, Jing Jiang, your eyesight is really like Xiao's biological father. At the beginning, your biological father did not know the ability of Empress Dowager Cheng, and he was wrong. As a result, all the inheritance in the south of the Yangtze River was buried to the late emperor. Now, you regard Qiu side imperial concubine as think tank treasure, listen to the words of a female stream, come up with such a bad idea, you are really your father's own son. See clearly, to see clearly, not just any woman has the ability of the queen mother Cheng. This second letter to the king of Jingjiang, is really a severe humiliation of the king of Jingjiang and Qiu side imperial concubine. Although in the book to the king of Jingjiang, Jiang Xingyun to Qiu side imperial concubine as much as possible, but in fact Qiu side imperial concubine is really not incompetent, at the beginning of the alienation of prince and Nan'an Hou that good play is the idea of Qiu side concubine, as expected led to Jiangnan civil strife, Jingjiang took the opportunity to seize most of Jiangnan territory. This matter, Qiu side imperial concubine take the first credit. These years, Qiu side imperial concubine dotes on, the reason is many, but a very important reason is, Qiu side imperial concubine has the ordinary woman not to have the insight in the government affairs. In this respect,Magnetic Drain Plug, Qiu Fang Fei has always been very confident. Until the appearance of the second letter to King Jingjiang. After seeing it, Qiu was so angry that her eyes turned black and her face turned pale. If it hadn't been for the maid's quick support of Qiu, Qiu would have fallen to the ground! It's a crying shame! This is the first time in decades since Qiu's birth that she has suffered such a great humiliation!.