We know almost nothing about the stuffy oil bottle. We don't even know whether he was on the ship by chance or whether he was also in the archaeological team for a purpose. And the stuffy oil bottle is no better than the third uncle. He didn't want to say anything, but he didn't respond no matter how he was forced. Although the third uncle told me something about him, from this point of view, what the third uncle said is far from the truth of the matter, he actually knows little more than I do. At the thought of this, I just felt relaxed and a little depressed. After dealing with the matter, the third uncle came back, and did not buy anything, now the market is closed, only tomorrow to find a way. I didn't talk to my third uncle for a long time, and I untied my heart knot. My mood improved. In the evening, I sneaked out with my third uncle, found a food stall, and had a good drink. After eating the sick meal for such a long time, he finally got a tasty dish. The third uncle was very happy. He smoked with one hand and drank with the other, and finally felt comfortable. When he went back, he went through the discharge formalities and said that he would never stay in the hospital again and asked me to book a hotel room for him. I drank a little too much, returned to the hotel, booked a suite for my uncle, took a good bath, made a cup of strong tea for myself, and prepared to go to bed. But after washing, I couldn't sleep for a while, so I turned on the computer and pulled out the old photo of my uncle before he set out in Xisha. I have seen this photo many times, but the black and white photo, in addition to recognizing a few familiar, other people are difficult to distinguish clearly, and the third uncle did not tell me who is who. In the photo,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the third uncle is thin and restrained, and he can't see that he is a local master at all, and the stuffy oil bottle looks like an ordinary student. I tried to find a chain, and I did find a person who was a little similar to my third uncle. I don't know if it was him. I couldn't help feeling, who would have thought that there were so many things hidden under this ordinary photo. After looking at it for a long time, I found that I couldn't see anything in the photo at all, so I used the hotel's phone to dial, went to the website of the company that sent the express in the stuffy oil bottle, and entered the number to inquire about the information of the express. Soon the results of the inquiry came out, I pulled to the column of the place where the letter was sent, not blank, there are three words of the city name: Golmud. This video tape was sent from a place called Golmud. I am stupefied, the heart says what place is that? Then "Google", even more surprised, Automatic nail machine ,Coil nail machine, it is actually a western city, located in Qinghai Province. Qinghai? When did the stuffy oil bottle go there? I wonder up, this guy moves fast enough, all of a sudden ran to the big west, is to support the cause of the western robbery? But Qinghai does not belong to the scope of Tufuzi, that place is inhabited by ethnic minorities, only reselling mummies and international cultural relics smugglers go there. What's he gonna do, dig a well? And he sent me a videotape. It seems that even eight poles can't be connected. I looked up some information about Golmud and learned about its history, and I was even more surprised to find that Golmud is a new city built by the People's Liberation Army, surrounded by Gobi. The stuffy oil bottle is there. I really can't think of what he can do. And he sent back the videotape from there. What is the content? Shit, I got a little upset, and all of a sudden I was more interested in the video. After drinking a few mouthfuls of strong tea and pressing the wine, I summarized the information I heard today and sent it to several people in Aning. I'm familiar with these people, and I hope they can help me look at them, and maybe get some useful feedback. Although the third uncle let me not say to others, but I want to say to Jude test people, the total problem is not big, and the more sensitive but not important content, I have deleted. I also asked them if the company had plans to enter the Genting Palace again recently. After doing this, the alcohol began to take effect, and I soon fell asleep in a blur. This sleep is particularly reassuring, and did not dream, has been sleeping until dawn, I was woken up by the phone. I answered the phone. It was the third uncle's friend. He said they had been discharged from the hospital. The third uncle was already in the suite next to me. The video recorder had been bought and asked me to watch it together. Chapter 27 pictures The video recorder was a Panasonic bought by the guy from the flea market in the boat camp area. When I arrived at the third uncle's room, the guy was installing it. I saw two identical spare ones on the sofa, because I was afraid that if it broke down halfway, it would delay time. But fortunately, the imported goods of that era were of good quality, and all three of them could be used after testing. I weighed the spare one, which was very heavy. The things of that era were real, unlike today's DVD, which can be played as a dog holding a flying saucer. During the period of installing the video recorder, the third uncle never opened his mouth, so he let me sit and smoke one after another, not knowing what he was thinking about. My hangover headache was getting better, and I was a little nervous, and from time to time there was a lot of speculation about what was on the tape. I thought of Xisha, but when they went to Xisha, it was impossible to bring video equipment (at that time, this kind of equipment was very precious, film cameras were still commonly used in China, and the film was still manual), so the content of the video tape was definitely not what Xisha shot at that time. Similarly, it can not be the content behind the bronze door. Excluding these two places, what would be in the videotape? I really don't have a clue. When the TV and the VCR were connected and the power was turned on, I picked out one of the boxes and planned to put it in. But before I put it in the mouth of the VCR,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I hesitated again. I didn't know why I panicked and took a look at my third uncle. The third uncle waved his hand to me and said, "Put it in?"? What are you looking at me for? Are you afraid that he will climb out of the TV? Only then did I push in. The video started to run. I sat back on the bed. Soon, snowflakes flashed on the screen. The third uncle stopped smoking and threw the cigarette butt into the spittoon. Both of us and his assistant sat up nervously. 3shardware.com