The little eunuch answered and hurried to the side hall, waiting for his majesty to take a lunch break. Ni Wei quickly opened the box under the long case, found the letters he wanted, looked at them ten lines at a glance, and memorized the contents of the letters with a photographic memory. Not long after Xu Qingye came in, he was not interested in looking at the memorials piled on the long table, but ordered the little eunuch to take the pen, ink, paper and inkstone. He was interested again-he was going to paint Ni Qi. Ni Wei simply chose a sleeping position, lying on the side of the beauty couch for Xu Qingye to draw. He draws his, she sleeps hers. In the evening, Ni Wei returned to the Goddess Palace and immediately wrote down the contents of the letters he had memorized, carefully folded them and sewed them into his purse. Then, in the name of walking, he took Chunlai to walk around the palace, and when he reached the imperial garden,plastic cosmetic tubes, he talked to a few little ladies at random. Apricot, who pretended to be a maid of honor, told a joke that made Ni Kui laugh. She said it and gave Apricot the bracelet on her wrist and the purse embroidered with gold on her waist. Having done this, Ni Wei returned to the Goddess Palace just in time for dinner. Xu Qingye worried about Ni Wei in the diet of the mouth, specifically explained the imperial kitchen, her diet is very rich. There were more than thirty dishes on the dinner table. After sitting down, Ni picked up a small bowl of sweet osmanthus and lotus seed soup in front of him,eye cream packaging tube, and gently stirred the small white spoon in the sticky porridge with his slender fingers. Keen, she soon discovered that the small bowl of lotus seed soup had been tampered with. She quietly put down the bowl of sweet osmanthus lotus seed soup and picked up a delicate glutinous rice snack at random. No poison. Ni Wei carelessly nibbled the snack. Then she tried several other dishes and finally found that they were all right. It's her cutlery that's the problem. Who poisoned it? Ni Kui thought, could it be that she met the drama of the jealous people in the harem who killed her? Ni Yan slightly thought, the corners of the mouth involuntarily crossed a smile. She picked up the bowl of lotus seed soup again and put the sweet soup into her mouth with a small spoon. As for the poison smeared on the spoon, she naturally ate it all. Your Majesty has arrived- Ni Wei put down the small white porcelain bowl in his hand, stood up to greet him, and asked with a smile, "Why did Your Majesty come here so early today?"? I sent Chunlai to the Gongqing Palace to inquire about it. I heard that many ministers in the court were discussing with Your Majesty in the Gongqing Palace today, saying that it would be very late. Is it over so early? "I was tired of hearing the old men ramble on and on, so I drove them all away." Xu Qingye impatiently followed Ni Wei to the table and sat down. Ni Wei smiled gently and ordered the maid Qiu Xiang to take a pair of bowls and chopsticks again. Your Majesty must not have eaten yet? Yan has just eaten half of it and hasn't finished it yet. Your Majesty and Yan can use it together. With a sleeve in hand and a teacup in one hand, Ni Wei personally poured tea for Xu Qingye. As she poured the tea, cosmetic tube packaging ,custom cosmetic packaging, she said, "The two ladies that Your Majesty gave Ah Yan are not only obedient and capable, but also very skillful.". The cakes made by Chunlai are very delicious. The tea brewed in autumn is even more. Ni Wei's words suddenly got stuck in his throat. The teacup in her hand fell, and the tea was wanton. Xu Qingye turned and looked at Ni Wei in surprise. He was shocked to see that Ni's face turned pale in an instant, and blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth. The blood that came out was black. As the blood dripped down, her beautiful pale pink lips were gradually stained with an eerie black. Yan? Yan! A freezing feeling rose from the soles of Xu Qingye's feet, quickly making him feel like he was in an ice cave. The ladies in the hall turned pale with fright, some could not help but exclaim, some subconsciously knelt down to wait for punishment, and some did not wait for Xu Qingye's command, hurriedly ran out of the front yard and ordered the eunuch in the front yard to call the doctor. The Imperial Physician came quickly. Poisonous. Because Ni Yan did not take a large amount of food, he did not die immediately. But even though Ni Kui still had a breath, the doctors all looked serious and had a very bad feeling. There is little cure for this poison. They could only pray that Ni would not eat much, and then prescribed some medicine to make Ni vomit, hoping that she could vomit some. Finally, prescribe some relief medicine. As for whether Ni Kui can survive or not, none of the doctors can guarantee it. Xu Qingye's face was livid. After dropping the imperial edict to the imperial physicians, "If she dies, you will all be buried with her," he turned around and walked out of the room and went outside. All the ladies and eunuchs in the Goddess Palace, as well as all the people on duty in the imperial kitchen, knelt in the courtyard. Everyone dared not breathe, and there had never been a moment so close to death as at this time. Xu Qingye has an extremely brutal reputation, and he is so concerned about doting on Ni, Ni is now uncertain about life and death, Xu Qingye is in a state of rage. Which maid of honor is not afraid to die? If you're a little unlucky, I'm afraid you can't even leave the whole body. He used to be complacent because he was assigned to work in Ni Yan's palace, but now he regrets that his intestines are blue. Chapter 206 honey trap [13]. Fu Que put down the book in his hand, got up and went to the window to water the two pots of flowers on the windowsill. The thin column of water pours out from the spout and melts in the mud to nourish the vitality. A green leaf suddenly fell without warning. Fu Que raised his eyebrows, and he picked up the leaves that had fallen in the mud and turned them over to have a look. Fu Que's hand trembled. He turned and hurried out of the room. Master Guoshi, where are you going so late? Holding a thick pile of books in his arms, Xiao Ni looked blankly at the back of Fuque who had left in a hurry. Xiao Ni is an orphan picked up by Fu Que. He has lived here since he was a child. Although he is not very old, he has been with Fu Que for several years. In Xiao Ni's eyes, the national teacher is always unhurried, and it is rare to see him so urgent. · The palace guards were also very surprised to see Fu Que. Fu Que was free to enter and leave the palace, but I didn't see him enter the palace so late. Did someone have an accident in the palace? Fu Que asked. The bodyguard was surprised again, thinking that the national teacher had calculated that something had happened in the palace before he came at night? He hastened to say, "Yes,empty lotion tubes, yes, yes. If you return to China, the one in the Goddess Palace has been poisoned and is hanging with a sigh of relief.". Your Majesty is in a rage in the harem. 。