But for this kind of trouble of Lin Ge, others are too late to envy, these girls, any one is the existence of Qingguo Qingcheng, others want to get one is extremely difficult, but Lin Ge suddenly got a lot of girls'admiration, this is not his good fortune, or his peach blossom robbery. Lin Ge gave Zhang Sanfeng the courtesy of the younger generation, and then said with a happy face: "This time my teacher came to help us, we will be more sure to expel the star demon from the earth." Instead, Zhang Sanfeng said with a dignified face: "Lin Ge, you must not think about it in your heart. The strength of the Star Ball Demon General is far beyond our imagination. The future book from heaven also suggests that if we fight against the Star Ball Demon General, we only have one third of the hope of victory.." "I will never give up even if it is only one in ten thousand." Yes, never give up. This is Lin Ge, a man who never gives up. Wang Bing, immediately inform the thunder of the United States, Elizabeth of the European Union, and Gan Shisan of India to gather in the dark city of Dongjiang tomorrow, and we will start the final battle with those interstellar predators. Today's Wang Bing has become Lin Ge's right-hand man, the importance of far more than cold Xiaotian and others,custom cosmetic packing, such an important thing, he naturally sent the most reassuring person to do. With Wang Bing's combat effectiveness and combat skills, even if he encounters the sniping of the constant planet demon on the road, he can also get out of trouble safely. Emperor, didn't we give Dongjiang a month? Now it's only half a month. If we attack Dongjiang now, will the Star Ball Demon say that we are breaking our promise? "Victory is the most important thing. Everything else is nothing. At the beginning, I made an agreement with those fools in the dark city of Dongjiang for a month. The purpose was to make them careless and then catch them by surprise." Although the agreed deadline has not yet arrived, but also half a month,empty cosmetic tubes, the city of darkness will not have any reaction, which means that the city of darkness that group of guys will never leave the earth. That being the case, do you have to wait until the city of darkness is ready, and then attack yourself? First strike is strong, then strike suffers, he also understands this truth. As for his agreement with the city of darkness, it is just a joke, marching and fighting pay attention to surprise, attack unprepared, from a strategic sense, Lin Ge did not do anything wrong. As long as Lin Ge wins the final victory, later generations will write any action of Lin Ge perfectly when they write history. History is written by the victors. Hello, brother Lin. I came as soon as I got your news. Thunder and David first came to Nanjing. After meeting, David smiled at Lin Ge. Although they had turned hostility into friendship in Jianghu, polyfoil tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, it was the first time they met in reality. And Lin Ge also quietly set in David's mind to cancel the seal, David's mind to cancel the seal, David immediately felt, he looked at Lin Ge's eyes also became grateful. A strong person will only be feared, while a tolerant person will be respected by others. After a while, Elizabeth, the first beauty of the European Union, also came. A few hours later, Gan Shisan of India also came as promised. Strong people like them could circle the earth in one day, so they could come in one day after getting the information from Lin Ge. For Lin Ge ahead of time to attack the planet in the earth's largest base of Dongjiang Dark City, thunder Elizabeth and others also have no opinion, they can go from an ordinary person to the position of a leader, who is not a fool, so will not argue with Lin Ge what everything should be trustworthy and other pedantic words. The final victory is the most important. If you win, the history books of future generations will only record your great achievements, but will not blame your dark means. Besides, to deal with those interstellar invaders, it is natural to use dark means, because their ultimate goal is bright, so the means they use are also bright. "Come out and die!" In the dark city of Dongjiang, tens of thousands of the strongest human beings shouted together, shaking the surrounding mountains. Although there are hundreds of millions of human survivors, these tens of thousands of people are all the elites of all mankind. Even the weakest, their own strength has three or four hundred thousand points of combat effectiveness. The gathering of these people is enough to sweep away all the darkness of time. This, this, this.. What are these strong human beings doing here? "Are you a demon or a pig? Of course they're coming to attack us. You can't tell." "Human beings are really a group of treacherous guys, more shameless than those spies who defected to us. They clearly said they would give us a month, but they launched an offensive in half a month. They are really despicable.." "What are you afraid of? All the strong people in our star planet have gathered in Dongjiang, and the first strong person in our star planet, the Galactic God of War, is also on his way to the earth. As long as we can hold on until the end, then it's time to clean up the human race." Be bullied to the door, whether ready or not, the dark city of Dongjiang will come out to have a look. If someone hits the door and doesn't fight back, it will not only greatly degenerate the power and prestige of the star demon, but also be condemned by the star headquarters. When a powerful demon general came to the outside of the city with trepidation, he looked at the crowd that could not be seen at a glance, and just wanted to say a few words about the scene, Zhao Tao immediately opened the forbidden zone of God and rushed directly to the demon general. Die for me! Nearly 30 million combat effectiveness in Zhao Tao, the strength of the magic will be good, about 2 million points of combat effectiveness, today's star ball magic will be able to open most of the God's forbidden zone, he saw Zhao Tao attack, did not hesitate to open the God's forbidden zone. But he was still punched in the head by Zhao Tao. Is the gap of 10 million points really a floating cloud? Until Zhao Tao killed the demon, the other ruins of the strong onlookers still did not come from the shock of God, the demon in the city of darkness is a strong man with two million points of combat effectiveness,plastic packing tube, after opening the forbidden zone of God, its own combat effectiveness reached twenty million points, but was easily killed by Zhao Tao. emptycosmetictubes.com