As soon as Lu Yan opened his eyes, he saw the tearful Jinbao and the worried Chu Yusheng. "Brother Lu, you finally woke up. That's great. We'll call the imperial doctor right away!" Apart from feeling a little weak all over, Lu Yan did not find any inconvenience in his hands and feet. "Are you all right?" Chu Yusheng went to call the imperial physician. Chu Yusheng stayed in front of the bed. Hearing his question, he nodded repeatedly. "It's all right. We're all right. Thanks to Brother Lu, you were calm in the face of danger at that time. But Brother Lu, are you really all right?" Lu Yan shook his head and asked about the mirror. He was picked up by his family, and just got the news that he was all right, but his family was worried about him, and now he was not allowed to go out. For foreign examinees like them, the Yamen was placed here, and the imperial doctors were allowed to diagnose and treat them. Lu Yan propped himself up and sat up. "What happened yesterday?" Chu Yusheng thought of a lot of people died, clenched his fist to the west key people will be resentful, "the city into the west key, in addition to the number one building, several other inns full of candidates were also attacked, heard that at least hundreds of fine, but the seven star division found in time, mobilized the patrol camp, has taken them all, now under the prison, But in the end,Time Delay Faucet, three or four candidates died, and the preliminary statistics of serious injuries also included more than 20 people, such as Brother Lu, not to mention a hundred. Hearing the news, Lu Yan's heart became very heavy. Not long after, the doctor came to see him, saw that he was recovering very well, and praised him for saving people yesterday. But Lu Yan did not remember that he had saved people yesterday. Jinbao quickly reminded him, "At that time,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, everyone was scared and their minds were blank. When the fire came, they were dumbfounded. Only Brother Lu took down the curtain over there to save himself. Many people followed suit and saved their lives." "So that's it." Lu Yan was thinking, but it was the few people who wanted to grab their rope, and I don't know if it was all right in the end. The next day, when Lu Yan returned home, Wei Pigeon held him in his arms and cried bitterly. "Bless the Bodhisattva. If something really happens to the Childe, even if I die ten times or a hundred times, I can't live up to the Childe's life. How can I live up to my wife?" "I have nothing to do, you first let people clean up two guest rooms, arrange for Jin Childe and Chu Childe to stay." Only then did Wei Pigeon discover that the two men who had followed Lu Yanzhi, as well as their bookboy, had answered again and again, arranging for people to serve tea while leading the newly bought woman to clean up the room. Although after the attack on the inn, the court had strictly investigated and would not let this happen for the second time, Lu said that he was still not at ease, stainless steel squatting pan ,Flush valve price, and his yard was so spacious that he simply invited them to his home. Two people know the economic situation of Lu Yan, thought it was a small yard rented somewhere, who would have thought it was such a big mansion, and next door or general mansion, for Lu Yan can not help but complain. He pretended to be poor behind his back. Seeing that his boy had retired, Jinbao could not help complaining, "Didn't Brother Lu say that the family was doing a little business?" Can you afford such a big yard to make a small living? And this terrain, at least tens of thousands of it? Without any shame on his face, Lu said with an expectant smile, "My wife and daughter have come to the capital and will arrive in a few days. I don't want them to stay in the inn all the time." There was no condition in Yanzhou at that time, but now there are conditions, how can they be wronged? In the inn, where is comfortable to live in your own home? That day I heard An Jing say that Lu Yan and his wife were deeply in love. After he disappeared, his wife opened a restaurant called Return, which was a special trip to wait for him. So when I heard him say this at the moment, I couldn't help feeling a little envious. I also felt that the sister-in-law I had never met was really a good person. At the beginning, she never abandoned Brother Lu. I think Brother Lu would not abandon his wife in the future. He thought so, after all, because he heard that Qu Haitang's identity was just the adopted daughter of someone else in the countryside. The two of them settled down here, and after two days, Anjing came to the door. Have to sigh with emotion again, "we are also friends of life and death, after you have anything, as long as it is not against morality, is a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, I will not hesitate.". ” "That's serious. You're really a brother. How can you go to the mountain of knives and the sea of fire?" Lu Yan smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Let's go. Let's have a drink at home today. It should be all right." An Jing has been trapped at home these days and is eager to do so. Pushing a cup for a change, I mentioned the day of the Zhuangyuanlou fire. I had to worry about the imperial examination. "I hurt a lot of candidates. I'm afraid I can't continue with the spring exam, can I?" An Jing suddenly remembered and patted his head with some self-reproach. "I came here just to tell you about it. I secretly heard my father say that Longyan was furious. I'm afraid it will be postponed, but it won't be more than May at most." So I can't be distracted. I have to keep reading. If you really want to refuse, I am afraid that the money brought by many candidates is not enough to maintain until the end of the spring. Lu said that considering this problem, he could not help worrying. An Jing is also a little stunned, "I'm afraid the court has not considered this problem, but it's not timed yet, and it's hard to say what it is." Did not take into account is also normal, they are afraid that they have already forgotten the past when they came to the capital with dozens of silver to seek Qingyun Road. But Anjing went home and went to see his father. "Dad, have you set the time for the second exam?" Lord Ann knew that his son had gone to see his friend, who was a very important talent for his nephew, and that he had saved his son this time, so he did not stop them from coming and going. Just now listening to him ask this matter, some displeasure, "a test results have not yet come out, you can not be on the list is one thing, how to worry about this shadowless thing?" An Jing hurriedly explained, "My son just talked about it with Brother Lu today. Brother Lu said that if it was really postponed, the money of many candidates would not be enough to last until the end of the exam." Originally to reprimand his adult Ann heard this, also stunned, this problem they really did not consider. After half a ring, he waved his hand and said, "You go down first. You don't have to worry about this." Then he quickly wrote the fold and had to hand it up immediately, which was a big problem. Even if it can be guaranteed that there is no western fine,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, but so many people how to eat, wear, live and travel.