Bars refer to straight steel bars with diameters of round, hexagonal, square, or other special shapes. In stainless steel, the vast majority of general bars refer to round steel. Wire refers to a circular wire rod with a diameter of 5.5~30mm. Many people don't know much about the rods and wires production process characteristics, and they don't know much about product classification and use of rods and wires. Today, rods and wires seller Wuxi Yushun will introduce the relevant knowledge to you.

Rods and wires production process characteristics

Large output

According to statistics in 2020, the total output of steel in our country is about 1.325 billion tons, and the output of bars and wires is about 266 million tons, accounting for nearly 20%. It can be seen that bars and wires have played an important role in the construction of the national economy.

Rods and wires production process characteristics


Bars are divided into ordinary bars and wires and special steel bars and wires, with specifications: 9-50mm, 50-100mm, 100-300mm; wires are divided into wire rods and special wires, with specifications: 5-10mm.

Rods and wires

Product classification and use of rods and wires

Wide range of applications

Bars and wires have a wide range of uses. Except for rebars and wires used in construction, which can be directly used in finished products, others generally require deep processing to make products.

The above is the rods and wires production process characteristics introduced by rods and wires seller Wuxi Yushun. If you are interested in product classification and use of rods and wires, please contact us to read more.