All religious holidays have logical and scientific explanations. They have a positive effect on your spiritual, physical and mental health. Navratri is no exception. It is associated to the equinox which marks the time when both days and nights are equal in length.

The transition between the two seasons is marked by Equinoxes. The length of the days and nights will change after an equinox. The body attempts to adapt to changes in the environment and the new circadian rhythms during this period. Fasts are used to achieve this goal.

Any wrong food can cause a loss of immunity and imbalance. When it comes to Navratri fasting, we are always advised to avoid certain foods or to include certain foods.

But, did you ever consider the reasons behind it? These Navratri foods offer many benefits. Let's see what Dt. Luna Jaiswal, Dietician in Lucknow says about it.

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