If you're an author researching book promotion ideas, you're likely to wonder about including video in the book marketing strategy. Past experience and data show that your personal exposure and that of your business or professional practice will expand through video marketing campaigns. It can also have an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Latest surveys and research have shown that 70-percent of marketing experts say that video converts faster than other media. Another questionnaire showed that 59 percent of senior executives tend to watch a video rather than read the text. You will see the impact of video instantly.

It also provides a boost to other marketing strategies. For instance, when marketers add a video to an email, the click-through rate can jump by 200 to 300percent. Featuring video on website landing pages can boost conversion by 80percent. Considering all of this, you may want to consider producing a video seriously.

First, consider how videos can be a part of and improve your marketing efforts. Next, decide whether you'll need one primary video to support a single initiative or if a series of videos would be more beneficial to your marketing campaign. Having a well-thought-out game plan and sticking with it always helps.

One-time video production is ideal for a company, brand, or practice overview. It can communicate your ideas, promote a product and service, or drive traffic to your website. Videos of this nature need to be well-produced, impactful, and appropriate for use across multiple platforms.

If you need to leverage the power of video for marketing, or education-oriented requirements, a video series could be useful. The brand messaging and storytelling must be compelling so people will come back for future episodes. If you have a complicated subject, a series helps explain smaller parts in each episode.

When you make a video and want it to perform, it's important to keep up with high levels of relevance and hopefully help your audience. If the content is valuable, then promoting the video is about sharing an informative and helpful resource.

Today's web videos gain viewers by organic (search and share) or paying means. It is important to format, tag, and promote on well-known video channels perfectly. Even feature it on your website's home page or landing page. You will also need to promote the video via blog posts, newsletters, emails, and social media.