One represents Jianghu, and the other represents Yinzong. The two of them originally had no grudges, but because of their different positions, they had today's life-and-death battle. It has to be said that fate is so mysterious that people can't help but fall into it. Of course, even if the fate is doomed, there are still people who are unwilling to yield, Yue Fan is so, so is the iron blood. From the very beginning, with the help of Master Bujie, Tiexue arranged the overall plan, including Yue Fan's help and the variables outside Jianghu. However, people's wisdom is limited after all, when they calculate others, others are not calculating themselves. Therefore, the appearance of Murong Aohan has become the biggest accident in the whole plan of Iron-blooded, which is the crisis! Descendants of the Hidden Sect, looking at the whole Jianghu, are absolutely invincible. If it weren't for the fact that they have magic soldiers in their hands, Iron-blooded would have absolutely no confidence to fight with them. Taking a deep breath, Tiexue said slowly, "Your Excellency, don't you want to change your weapon?" "Not for the time being!" Murong Aohan gathered the folding fan together and said proudly, "If necessary, I will use it." It's just that it shouldn't be necessary. I hope you won't let me down. To defeat others is to defeat oneself first, and to defeat others is not to defeat. There was no anger on Tiexue's face,shuttle rack system, not even the slightest fluctuation of emotion. Because he knew that the other side could endure for so long, and he was not the kind of arrogant person. Strong relative, unknown is equal to danger, killing life so that Tiexue deeply understand this, so he is very cautious, and has always thought that this is a good habit. The two men looked at each other in silence, and there was no expression on their faces. However, the sparks in their eyes instantly touched the anger in their hearts, and the world suddenly filled with a strong sense of chill! Tiexue slowly raised his knife across his chest, and his cold eyes seemed to penetrate Murong's proud and cold mind. The wind moves,mobile racking systems, the heart moves, the person also moves.. Iron-blooded hands "devour the soul" has been approaching, Murong Aohan eyes reflect a gorgeous brilliance! "Poof!" Folding fan unfolds, across a beautiful arc, Murong Ao Han rattan rises in the air, a white shirt rises lightly, outstanding, like the wonderful crane dance.. The extreme flying skill, the high strength, and the changes of flowing clouds and flowing water made the audience intoxicated. Seven kills break- " One move failed, and the iron blood immediately changed its posture. Breath retrograde, soaring into the sky, the whole person is like a rising dragon, shooting straight into the night! "This young master will let you know today what is the gap in the realm!" Murong Aohan has long seen the power of Iron-blooded and Demon Soldiers, and naturally knows it in his heart, so he has a plan in mind. Looking down, an unprecedented sense of superiority arises spontaneously. On second thought, drive in racking system ,industrial racking systems, Murong Aohan's momentum went straight up in vain, and the power of heaven and earth suddenly came to this place, and the tremendous pressure spread around. Peng! "Boom-boom-boom-" …… The violent energy detonated the whole audience, like ripples on the quiet lake! After the shock, Murong Aohan still stood in the sky, dressed in white like snow, quiet and natural. But the iron-blooded pair is called sinking half a foot, although there is no big obstacle, but the blood gas is churning. He will lose half a chip in the struggle of momentum. Seeing such a scene, the audience is as quiet as a dead pool! All the people in Jianghu were nervous with the major forces, and even Yue Fan and others were in a cold sweat for the iron blood. On the other hand, Tianyin old monster, also frowning, glanced at the lonely and indifferent face beside him, and swallowed all the words he wanted to say. On the other side, Meng Zhan said with a slight smile, "Piaomiao Peak is really extraordinary. Brother Wuchen Dao's Martial Nephew has the strength of the first realm of the Way of Heaven at a young age. Although he holds a magic soldier in his hand, he has just stepped into the threshold of the Way of Heaven. How can he be your Martial Nephew's opponent?"! It seems that brother Wuchen Dao is sure to win this bet. "Where, where.". Ao Han is still young and needs a lot of practice. Modesty on the face of Wuchenzi, but there was a flash of pride in his eyes, as if he had eaten honey, and his heart had never been so comfortable. Hum A cold drink interrupted Wuchenzi's imagination. Xue Ningyan said rudely, "Don't be too proud. You don't know the power of the ancient magic soldiers. Don't blame me for not reminding you. Keep an eye on that boy, or you will cry.". ” Faced with Xue Ningyan's cynicism, Wuchenzi and Meng Zhan could not refute it, so they had to smile awkwardly. Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, changes in the field. A gloomy breath enveloped the high platform, the iron-blooded hand held the blade gently across, the blood slowly overflowed with the knife marks on the blade, and was finally absorbed by the "devouring soul"! "Iron-blooded really decided to use blood to stimulate the ferocity of the demon soldiers." Murong Aohan was slightly stunned. Then he raised his eyebrows and said with a sneer, "But that depends on whether you have the power to control it." Say, the person has fallen automatically! "Seven kills-" The same move, blood copy billowing, just like the battlefield, the ancient magic soldier out of the black awn! "Poof!" The exquisite folding fan broke like a local chicken tile dog, and the cold light did not decrease. Murong Aohan dared not hold back any more. With the help of the power of heaven and earth, he tried his best to delay the offensive of iron and blood, and then the light and shadow cut through the darkness! "Peng-" "Sniff, sniff.." Arrogance across thousands of miles, a cold light startled heaven and earth!!! The whole venue was covered by the fierce cold light, and the sound of weapons inside was soul-stirring! No one knows what has just been born except the master of heaven. "Whoo-" After a while, the light and shadow dispersed, but saw that the iron blood was covered with blood, and the body was covered with many wounds! Murong Aohan, however, was not properly dressed and did not suffer any substantial harm. It can be seen that the two men fought against each other, but Murong Aohan obviously gained the upper hand. What is that thing? Iron-blooded staring at Murong Aohan's right hand, after the contest just now, he can deeply understand the terrible hand of the other side, especially in the hands of things. Iron-blooded, although the magic soldiers are powerful, they are not omnipotent. Murong Aohan looked at the other side lightly and raised his right hand and said, "This sword is an ancient magic weapon, an elegant sword-Chengying!" Through the refraction of sunlight, they saw Murong Aohan's right hand,cantilever racking system, holding a long sword as thin as silk and transparent as water. Strangely enough, the sword had no hilt, as if it had been born in the flesh and blood of Murong Aohan.