The slave who was waiting in the Chen Palace was so frightened that his courage was about to break. He could only answer in a trembling voice, "Your Majesty!"! When the empress had dinner today, she said she didn't want to be served, so she drove all the slaves out, but she didn't expect such a thing to happen! But Emperor Cheng Xuan was startled. "Who else is there to serve in the hall?" The slave replied hurriedly, "Only Aunt Yuzhu is waiting on the empress.." Emperor Cheng Xuan staggered back a few steps and smiled with a pale face: "She did it on purpose, she did it on purpose, she knew it long ago.." He should have known, when he used Chen Fei to perfunctory her, he should have thought that she would not believe it, but he was busy dealing with Li Wanmei and forgot her, she must be extremely disappointed with him, otherwise how could he leave without even listening to the explanation? When Li Wanmei arrived, she saw this scene and quickly comforted her in a soft voice: "Your Majesty, I'm sorry. If the elder sister of the imperial concubine knew that the emperor was so sad, she would be sad!" When Emperor Cheng Xuan heard this, he slapped her in the face and knocked her to the ground. Ignoring the suspicious eyes of the crowd, he said sullenly, "What qualifications do you have to call her sister?"? It's all your fault. If it wasn't for you, how could Tianmeng. Li Wanmei was surprised,aluminium tile trim profiles, but she had to cry for herself: "I was wronged!"! What did my concubine do? Emperor Cheng Xuan looked at her comely face and covered his eyes bitterly. How could he be blind before he was blinded by her? "Somebody, Zhao Guipin poisoned the pure imperial concubine and pressed her into the prison of heaven!" "The pure imperial concubine has both virtue and art, and is deeply in my heart. She was given the posthumous title of imperial concubine, with the title of pure virtue and filial piety. She was buried beside me in the imperial mausoleum." He looked at Chen Gong, slowly clenched his hand, Tianmeng, if there is an afterlife, I will not let you down. Empress Yan wanted to say something,stainless tile trim, but when she took a step closer, she happened to see the bright corners of Emperor Cheng Xuan's eyes, and finally she did not say a word. If you really love her, how can you make her sad? It's just that Summer Meng is free. According to his temperament, he will never forget her, right? Just, she is better than oneself, she has gone like this, but oneself want to continue to live hard. Look, flowers are similar year after year, but people are different year after year. Your Majesty. Yin Rong heard the sound of the harp in the carriage stop before he whispered, "Tomorrow we can go to the border of Yan." There was no answer, but she knew that the king must have heard. Turning her head slightly, she saw the girl sitting beside her looking at her with clear eyes. She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked away. She really didn't understand why the servant girl waiting beside Miss Xia, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, who looked so cool, was so dull. Seeing that she was so angry, Yuzhu just smiled and shouted to her, "Miss, we are about to arrive, and we can eat the lotus cake right away!" She has been greedy for the famous snacks of Yan for a long time, and this time she must be open to eat! Summer Meng, who was finishing reading the letter in the carriage, just laughed and said, "Good." Then he looked at Yan Huan, who had put the long lute away, and raised his eyebrows slightly: "Brother Prince was not interested in music before." Yan Huan Wen Yan looked at her and saw her shaking her head helplessly: "Emperor Yan prefers these things, and I will naturally see more." Xia Tianmeng squinted at him and seemed to nod with satisfaction: "Well." Emperor Yan's appearance is really exquisite, but it's better than mine. Seeing that she was so funny, Yan Huan sat down beside her and brushed away the hair on her cheek. "It's just a skin bag.". What did General Xia say to you? Xia Tianmeng handed the letter to him. Seeing that he didn't read it or demand it, he just curled his lips: "He only said that he hoped you could treat me well. If you were not good to me, he would lead his troops to Yan to support me." Not only did Yan Huan and the system help him escape from the palace of Dazhou, but Xia Qingcang also agreed at the beginning. He wrote to her that he only hoped that she could live well instead of her sister. Naturally, she did not know how entangled Xia Qingcang was when he wrote this letter, but he also knew that this was the best result, compared to her old death in the palace or continuing to have illusions about her brother. Yan Huan smiled and leaned close to her. His white and delicate face was full of tenderness. He looked into her eyes. His eyes were clear. "I will never give him this chance." He would never give her the chance to regret, the happiness he had with great difficulty. 、365. No Chapter 365: Rebirth of Super Movie King [1] The female supporting system has been too busy recently, but because of the high-quality staff like Xia Xinmeng, the female supporting industry has been improved, which reduces the chance of changing the rules of the world because of Mary Sue, but in contrast, the male supporting system has fallen out! The same task of two hosts are strategy failure, not to mention the deduction of points was also hit to punish the world, for a while this interface is to let the main system no way out! Xia Tianmeng was confused when she heard that the system rarely asked her to help the male partner counterattack: "Do you mean to ask me to dress up as a male partner to attack the woman?" It's been so long since she finished the task that she hasn't been called Lily, okay? The image of the little yellow chicken of the system showed an embarrassed look and opened his mouth: "Well, in fact, you can choose the sexual strategy, it can be the woman or the man..." Summer Meng slightly raised eyebrows, this is clear, is to call her either Lily or stir base! The system saw that Xia Tianmeng did not agree with the intention, hurriedly turned out the system reward page to show her: "The reward of this task is very generous!"! One task experience is worth the reward of three tasks, and there are additional rewards, all kinds of attribute values increase, you can consider it. Summer Meng slightly squint, smile: "Need strategy to what extent?" If you just let the target fall in love, there won't be two hosts who failed before, right? The system answered with a slight embarrassment: "Well.." The target is willing to give up the most important thing for you, which is the ultimate goal. Said the information into her mind. A rebirth counterattack entertainment circle article, male frequency. In his previous life, the man struggled in the entertainment circle but frequently ran into a wall. When he had no way out, he chose the hidden rules. He was hidden by Xia Tianqi,tile trim factory, a famous playboy in Dijing who is also the brother of the president of Universal Group. Summer Qi originally liked the man's face, but after a long time, it became boring. He gave him a sum of money and let him go.