But at this time, a little eunuch came out from outside the hall. He bowed his head and said, "Your Majesty, Your Highness.." "Oh, no. His Royal Highness, King Su, asked for an interview, saying that he was asking for a conversation with Your Majesty between men and men." "Oh?" Wei Tianzi listened to the novel speech with a laugh and scolded: "a fourteen-year-old boy, talking about the dialogue between men and men.." As he spoke, he pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, "Yes, let him in." Not long after, the eight prince Zhao Hongrun stepped in from outside the hall. Or rather, King Su. Walking into the hall, Zhao Hongrun bowed to the emperor with a big gift. Inside the hall at this time, in addition to Zhongshu Ling He Xiangxu, who had recently fallen ill, there were still two eunuchs, Tong Xian and Zhongshu Zuo Cheng Lin Yuyang and Yu Ziqi. Although they did not fully understand what was meant by "dialogue between men," they also got up and left the Chuigong Hall one after another, leaving room for the emperor and King Su to talk alone. Stare at. Stare at. Father and son looked at each other for a long time, but neither of them spoke. For a long time, Zhao Hongrun opened his mouth and said, "Father, did your son win this time?" "No, you haven't won." Wei Tianzi smiled and shook his head and said. Although he had already admitted this round of trouble in his heart yesterday, in front of his own son, how could Lao Tzu admit defeat himself? To this, however,jacuzzi manufacturers, Zhao Hongrun was not surprised and said calmly, "Does the father think that the emperor's son can't defeat the Chu army in Yingshui County?" If it is in the past, the emperor of Wei can hardly imagine a fourteen-year-old child boasted to defeat the whole big Wei are afraid of the Chu army, but after yesterday's dredge water camp, the emperor of Wei is full of confidence in the son. But even so, he still won't admit defeat himself: "How can you be sure that you will win before you play?" "Eh?"? I thought my father would be on my side. After all, this battle may be related to the rise and fall of the Wei Dynasty. Zhao Hongrun blinked his eyes and joked. ……” Wei Tianzi suddenly dumb. After that, the hall was quiet again. I don't know how long it was before the Emperor of Wei sighed and said softly for the first time in a tone that was not in line with his status as the Emperor of Wei, "Hong Run, do you have to go in person?" Zhao Hongrun's heart trembled slightly and he looked at the emperor of Wei with some surprise, because he had never seen his father speak to him in such a "weak" tone. In the past, it was always a commanding tone. After thinking about it, Zhao Hongrun said solemnly, "Now that the emperor has put forward the idea of'the prince guarding the country ', you can't beat yourself up.." It is believed that if the emperor goes to the battlefield in person, the morale of the soldiers at the front will be greatly increased. Moreover, whirlpool hot tub ,endless swim pool, this matter concerns the jade dragon emperor elder sister, concerns the entire big Wei. The emperor could not trust someone or some people completely, so the emperor had to go. The emperor wants to use his own eyes, insight into the entire battlefield, is my big Wei's army will not step on the wrong, so that the fate of the country is in danger. The Emperor of Wei thought deeply for a moment and then asked, "Do you want me to give you the right to command the front army?" "No, the emperor only needs a small supervisor to be enough." "A little supervisor?" The emperor of Wei looked at Zhao Hongrun with tears in his eyes and said angrily, "You know I can't give it to you." The battlefield is not a child's play, and the war between countries is even more related to the rise and fall of the country. "Therefore, the emperor's son settled for the second best and only asked his father to promise one thing." "What is it?" "Unconditionally let the generals at the front obey the emperor's instructions, just three times!" "Well.." When the emperor of Wei heard this, he could not help pondering. Although he gradually realized that the son in front of him mostly had a shocking talent, so he was often surprised. But the problem is that the war between the two countries is ultimately related to the rise and fall of the whole country, how can it be entrusted to a 14-year-old child? What if he insisted on pushing the whole Wei Dynasty to extinction? Therefore, whether in charge of the army or command, Wei Tianzi is impossible to give the son in front of him, after all, in his view, his son Zhao Hongrun even if how talented, it is impossible to know more about fighting than the experienced veteran at the front. But if you don't give authority, then Zhao Hongrun to the front has no right to speak, perhaps the generals at the front will give respect because of his identity, but never listen to his orders. In this way, the son's intelligence and wisdom have no place to use. In this way, it may be most appropriate to give the son three unconditional orders to the front generals. Because if Zhao Hongrun really in the art of war also have achievements, three opportunities have been enough to let the generals at the front realize the ability of the king; conversely, if the son in the art of war actually know nothing, then, three defeats, big Wei is not unbearable. After all, so far, big Wei in the YingShui battlefield is repeatedly defeated, the city lost several, also not bad these three times. OK! I will give you three unconditional orders to the generals at the front! Remember, only three times! Looking deeply at Zhao Hongrun, the emperor wrote down this passage on the paper on the dragon table, and solemnly stamped his private seal and the imperial seal of the country. It is believed that with this thing, Zhao Hongrun can mobilize the troops at the front line at will, or the soldiers of the Junshui Battalion who go to the front line to support them. Take it and keep it close to your body. "Thank you, Father." Zhao Hongrun bowed his hand. Wei Tianzi's meaning he heard very clearly, is nothing more than to give three opportunities, let him go to convince the generals at the front, three opportunities to do well, then the generals will continue to obey his command, if you do not do well, then go away, no longer qualified to intervene in the war at the front. Sending out this imperial edict, the emperor of Wei,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, who knew that he could no longer change his son's mind, felt much more relaxed and said with a smile, "This is what you said about the dialogue between men and men?" 。 monalisa.com