The pithy formula of fetal movement is actually very simple. If you can understand what it means for everything to come out of nothing, you can also understand how "I" came out of a vacuum. But the profundity of practicing the mental method cannot be realized in a moment. Now I not only have to learn but also have to learn. This is related to whether a Xiu's primordial spirit can be saved, and also to where I come from? Feng Junzi didn't ask me about my life experience, and Feng Junzi told me that I didn't have to ask Shouzheng Zhenren. But he showed me a way to practice by myself and find the source by myself. Thinking hard, I have not forgotten who I am now. I'm Ishino, a senior in high school, and I have to go to school. When I went to school with my schoolbag on my back in the morning, I saw Liu Feier standing in the corridor on the second floor outside the classroom door. She saw me, made a gesture, pointed to the north gate of the school, and then turned to go downstairs. The north entrance of the school is a tree-lined Avenue, flanked by shrubs and green belts, which is also a good place for reading in the morning. Liu Feier called me here, apparently to ask me something. Ishino, you were absent from school for one day yesterday, and Feng Junzi was absent from school for half a day. I know you are not ordinary people,China spa factory, but since you are here in the third year of high school, you should always act like a student. Even if something happens, you can't even say hello. What the hell is going on? Did you two disappear one after another? Yesterday, he missed a day's class and forgot to ask for leave. In the afternoon, he went to find Feng Junzi, so he didn't go to school. Liu Feier and I have an agreement to be a good student at ordinary times. In private, we.. Then I said with a slight apology: "I met a matter that could not be solved yesterday morning,endless swimming pool, and I went to find Feng Junzi in the afternoon.". Things came suddenly, I forgot to ask for leave, as for the wind gentleman. Liu Feier: "As for Feng Junzi, he is eager to find a chance not to attend class.". You can rest assured that I have asked for leave for you. I don't know what your business is. If someone asks me, I will say that something happened to your parents and you have to go back. Ishino, I didn't say anything because you were absent from school. I was really afraid that something would happen to you. "Don't worry, I won't have an accident." I will tell you everything, but now is not the time. It's not dangerous, it's just confusing. Having a head teacher as a girlfriend is not the same, truancy is naturally given leave. It's just that Liu Feier said something happened to my parents just now. Isn't that the truth? This world how so wonderful, accidentally even Liu Feier also came out of a casual Zen! …… A long time later, american hot tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, when I look back on the past. I've been asking myself why I didn't run back to Shizhu Village to find Grandpa Jin immediately? Not entirely because of Feng Junzi's advice, because in my mind, he has always been regarded as Grandpa Jin rather than a real person. I think the reason why I did not immediately ask, in my own heart, I am afraid there is a trace of worry, right? I wanted to know who I was, and I was vaguely afraid that I would see something I didn't want to see after breaking the window paper. In short. I chose to find the source myself. This practice of "fetal movement" is more difficult than ever before. I practiced in the Jingwu Cave almost every night, and it took me more than half a month to find a way. Sitting still is a state of vacuum. Start from here. The first step is to "break the urn". The boundary of consciousness has disappeared when the method of transporting the urn has entered the vacuum. There is no urn in the boundless world, and there is no me in the sky. At this time, the air turns around. Withdraw from the boundless place, and all things in the world reappear. This step of mental method is actually my mental method of "awakening" Fa Hai. Had Feng Junzi not arranged this in advance, it would have been more difficult for me to start. I now suspect that this is what he meant when he asked me to wake up Fahai. Empty space whirls, all things in the world reappear, all the way back to the starting point of the most subtle place. Although there are all things in heaven and earth, they are still empty! Why is that? Because "I" didn't! This is like the world before I was born. The world is still the world, but there is no Ishino in this world. Where did I go? It has been melted in the vacuum, and of course it does not exist after the broken urn. If you look at the text and see this paragraph. There is no need to close the book and close the eyes to imagine. Because you can't imagine what kind of state it is? Ordinary people have no such realm. In the early morning of this day, I finally entered the path of the broken urn and experienced a wonderful "materialistic" state in the fixed state. Only a moment is fleeting, because I am disturbed by the outside world. Originally, it was impossible for the outside world to interfere with me sitting in the sky of Jingwu Cave, but at this moment it seemed that my sense of inspiration became very keen and extended to a very distant place. As soon as the divine consciousness moved, I could not maintain the state just now and withdrew from the "materialist non-self". Then I felt that outside the Jingwu Cave, far from here, there was a strange fluctuation of power, in which there were faint signs of danger. Opening his eyes and walking out of the bamboo house, the Green Destiny Mirror still emits colorful light pillars on the stone platform in the middle of the Jingwu Cave, holding the Dragon Head Tower on the top. At this time, you can see everything outside the Jingwu Cave. A thick layer of cirrus clouds came from the far south sky, which was still slowly rotating and gradually became the shape of a funnel. Seeing this celestial phenomenon, I cried out in my heart that it was not good. Many people may have seen this celestial phenomenon in disaster movies, which is a sign before the formation of tornadoes. Tornadoes are relatively common in the central plains of the United States, and the number of tornadoes in China is very small, but not without. In summer and autumn, the air convection is complex, and tornadoes will occur in some areas. This is known locally as the dragon taking water, because it often appears above the surface of the water and looks like a dragon sucking a column of water from a cloud. Tornadoes in these hilly areas tend to be small in scope and short in duration, but their destructive power is also amazing. When I was a child, I saw tornadoes,outdoor spa manufacturers, but I didn't expect to see such disasters in places very close to Wucheng City. In the past, there was nothing I could do about losing my temper with God. But today I am different, at least I can find a way to stop or resolve it. I put away the Green Destiny Mirror and went out of the Jingwu Cave to the south where the clouds were piled up.