If someone else said these words, Feng Qingtian would think it was bragging and timidity. But if it is the "day" in front of us, Feng Qingtian has to believe that even the two elders of "heaven" and "earth" admit that the "day" in front of us is the strongest of all the monks in the world, under certain conditions. Even ordinary Mahayana monks will be killed by him. The arrogance of "Japan" is based on his strength. Although he and his brother "Ying" are practicing the same skills, the threat is not the same. There is no shortage of geniuses in any era. In history books, there are even more geniuses than those who do nothing, but more geniuses like to hide in the dark side of history, planning everything but unknown to others, and "Japan" is one of the best. If this "day" is given more than a thousand years, he will become a character like Zhang Xusheng. In fact. Skill practiced by "Ri" and "Ying". They are all created by "Ri", and "Ying" is the younger brother of "Ri". It is better to say that "Ying" is the disciple of "Ri". If you say so, let's do it. Feng Qingtian frowned, but finally said lightly. After all, this action is still dominated by "Japan", and Feng Qingtian is only auxiliary. Looking at Feng Qingtian with a cold expression in front of him, "Ri" keenly observed the complexity under his indifference, so he asked with a smile: "What's wrong? Don't you have the heart to face the former brothers of the same school? My goal is only Xu Qingfan, if you ask, I will let everyone else go. Disuse Feng Qingtian said lightly, his eyes turned again to Xu Qingfan, Jin Qinghan and others in the air. From the moment I left Jiuhua, I had nothing to do with them any more. What's more, after so many years,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, I also want to see how far they have reached. "Day" it is to smile slightly again, say faintly: "They have movement. In the sky, under the white clouds, in front of the Bloody Valley, Xu Qingfan's team and the "Ciyun Temple" team gathered. Let's send someone in to investigate first. After thinking for a moment, Xu Qingfan made a decision. Master Bo Guangyan thought for a while and nodded in agreement. At this time, he could only do so. But after Master Bo Guangyan nodded, the scene suddenly cooled down,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and the two teams behind him, who had been listening quietly to their conversation, were silent, especially the rogue characters in Xu Qingfan's team, who were slowly moving behind the crowd. Praying in his heart that Xu Qingfan would not think of them. Everyone can feel the weirdness of the valley, perhaps a large number of "beast crazy monks" are hidden somewhere, into the exploration, no doubt extremely dangerous, in troubled times, people are more concerned about their own lives, no one wants to be the first bird. Seeing the reaction of the crowd, Jin Qinghan's eyes flashed a trace of disdain and said to Xu Qingfan, "I'll go." Xu Qingfan took one look at Jin Qinghan, shook his head slightly, and said lightly, "You don't have to go. I'll let Xiaohei go, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and I'll use the art of sending souls to observe the scene through Xiaohei. I think it will be all right. You can help me protect the Dharma." Speaking of it, Xiaohei, as a high-level monster, is equivalent to the cultivation of human immortals in the golden elixir period, but this decision is also the most correct. Hearing Xu Qingfan's words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and nodded yes. But no one noticed that under Xu Qingfan's indifferent eyes, there was a flash of surprise and complicated feelings. Since coming to this valley, Xu Qingfan's eyes have always been with a look of surprise and uncertainty, but everyone thought that Xu Qingfan was only surprised and suspicious of the valley's anomalies, so he did not care. Looking at the valley in front of him, in a trance, Xu Qingfan seemed to remember that he and Feng Qingtian were in nirvana together before and after the big competition in the realm of immortals, and then they were in harmony with each other. The two mutations made Xu Qingfan have a constitution similar to that of the Feng family, and established some mysterious connection with Feng Qingtian. But on the one hand, Xu Qingfan has the more powerful and mysterious "Life and Death Tips" and "Wuxiang Tips" to practice, and on the other hand, Xu Qingfan always feels that the Fengjia skills he has learned are stolen, so over the years, the progress of those Fengjia skills is far inferior to that of "Life and Death Tips". Over the years, Xu Qingfan's body was first transformed by Zhang Xusheng's secret method, and then transformed by using "Life and Death Tips" many times, during which the "Wutong Branch" was integrated, so the mysterious connection with Feng Qingtian was much more indifferent. But this time, after coming to this valley, Xu Qingfan sensed a very familiar breath, no matter how to cover up, it was useless for him. However, after all, contact indifferent to a lot, Xu Qingfan do not know if it is their own illusion. And I do not know why, compared with that year, this breath is too much change, more strange and inexplicable feeling, so Xu Qingfan is not sure. This is also the reason why Xu Qingfan wants to explore in person. If my feeling is right, is Feng Qingtian also in this valley? If Feng Qingtian is in this valley, what does it represent? Conspiracy? Revenge? Or a coincidence? "Feng Qingtian, you should know, as long as within a certain range, you and I can not deceive anyone, fate has tied you and me together." Xu Qingfan's eyes were complicated, and he looked into the valley again. In a trance, he seemed to meet with an equally complicated look. Yeah, we can't hide from each other. If you feel each other's breath like me, how will you deal with it? At the same time, Feng Qingtian looked at Xu Qingfan's eyes and thought secretly. The matter between him and Xu Qingfan did not say to the "day", but he did not know whether it was right or wrong. They landed at the foot of the earth, surrounded by a circle, in which Xu Qingfan sat down and closed his eyes, a moment later, Xiaohei in the gaze of the crowd, spread his wings and flew toward the valley. Xu Qingfan can see what Xiaohei can see through the "art of sending souls". In the valley,304 Stainless Steel Coil, as far as the eye can see, it is still a blood-red, but I do not know what kind of stone the valley is formed. sxthsteel.com