"If you don't do it, if you don't act, what's the difference between you and failure now?" "The teacher only wants to tell you two things!" "First, failure is not terrible. What is terrible is that you don't start because you are afraid of failure." "Second, as long as you do something, there is a 50% chance of success, because after you do it, there are only two results waiting for you, success or failure!" "Just like Li is overbearing!" Fang Bai took a deep breath, pointed to the overbearing Li in front of him, and continued, "You don't even dare to chase him back. How do you know that separation must be good for both of you?" "How did you know? How did you know you would meet a better girl than her?" "Hm?" "Because.." Because Li Ba murmured that he wanted to answer, but found that he didn't know what to say at all. Because you're a ***ing loser! Fang Bai shouted at him. I'm not a loser! Li's face was red and he clenched his fist and retorted. If you are not a waste, you will chase someone back! Fang Bai is aggressive and humane. Just chase me. Do you think I dare not?! The two men faced each other and looked at each other. Yes, I'll take it as you dare not! "Lao Tzu.." "Coward!" "I'm not a coward!" "It's not a coward, then you go after it!" "Just go after him. Just wait and see. Go after him and see how I hit you in the face!" "If you don't come back,metal racking systems, see how the devil hits you in the leg!" ".." said Li Ba. Li Zicheng: "…" Students: "… …" Li overbearing suddenly felt as if he was a little on the head again. Chapter 782 animals. The mossy red bricks and tiles and the marble were stained with a layer of gray. It's not a crow flying low, crooning an ugly cry. The gray sky, so that passers-by could not help but shout and scold, to their pockets stretched out their hands, perhaps hate this kind of sky, pedestrians walked quickly with their heads down. In the middle of the town is a huge square. In the middle of the square is a huge church of light. The style of the church is very magical. A huge cross stands on the roof of the church. It is said that the founder of the Church of Light God is a man named Jehovah. After the twilight of the gods, in ancient times,heavy duty cantilever racks, this Yahweh was regarded as a madman and wanted to be burned to death. At the moment when he was ready to be burned to death, the holy light came. Yahweh realized the power of light and founded the religion of the God of Light. He was also called the Father. The religion of the God of Light believes in the God of Light, the Emperor of Heaven. The God of Light has a very distinct hierarchy, as does the God of Darkness. The head is the Pope, followed by cardinals, white bishops, bishops, priests, and priests and nuns in general. In the arbitration Institute, the supreme arbiter is equivalent to the cardinal. Followed by judges, paladins, radio shuttle racking ,Automated warehouse systems, knights of war. Between the red coat and the white coat, there is a holy child. It was the woman who cheated, slept with someone else, and was killed by the adulterer, not my grandson! At the gate of the court, a gray-haired old man shouted at the top of his voice. The two knights at the door just didn't see it. And in the courtroom inside the courtroom. A young man in a white robe with a hexagram and a golden border was looking coldly at the child in front of him, who was less than twelve years old. Hey, when can I go back? The boy looked like a fool, even though he was handcuffed with a bracelet, he still didn't care. You killed someone and you want to go back? Huo Yu frowned slightly and asked in a cold voice. I didn't kill anyone else, I killed my mother! The boy curled his lips and said, as if he had only done a trivial thing. Hearing this, Huo Yu's hand, which was hidden in his sleeve, suddenly burst with blue veins. Tell me everything first. Huo Yu said in a deep voice. What's there to say? Kill them all anyway. What else do you want?! The boy was a little impatient. He touched his throat with his hand and looked at Huo Yu in front of him and said, "Do you have a cigarette? Give me a cigarette to smoke!" "Give him.." Huo Yu made a gesture to the paladin beside him. The paladin looked coldly at the boy in front of him, took out a cigarette and threw it to the boy. Give me a fire. How can I smoke without a fire? The boy said in a bad tone. The paladin took a deep breath and lit the boy up again. Like an old smoker, the boy took a deep breath, then spit it out and licked his lips happily. For the sake of your good attitude, ask what you want to ask! Huo Yu closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and kept comforting himself in his heart. Why did you kill your mother? "She hit me!" The boy hummed, "I didn't go to school. I just skipped classes and went out to play. She looked like she was going to die. Since she was going to die, she died!" "Tell me what happened!" Huo Yu clenched his teeth and said. Uh? Where do I start? The boy said it doesn't matter. Start where you want to start. Huo Yu said. Ahem, on Wednesday, I took thousands of yuan from my family, and then I didn't go to school, and then I went out to play. When I came back, she beat me and scolded me! "And then?" "If she hits me, I'll hit her!" The boy said of course. And then you killed your mother? The paladin on one side could not help but interrupt. That's not true. He was killed later. The boy curled his lips. Go on. Huo Yu knocked on the table. When she hit me that day, I hit her! The boy continued. Huo Yu wrote and drew on the paper with a pen. "Well, why did you think of killing her?" "She received my cell phone that day, but also kept scolding me, scolding me, I am very annoyed ah, really annoyed!"! Really annoy that woman, dead good, dead pure! "And then you killed her!" Said the paladin angrily. Yes,medium duty racking, after she went to bed, I cut her with a kitchen knife. I cut her more than 20 times. I don't know if she died or not. Anyway, she didn't move. The boy nodded. You The paladin pounded the table and was ready to do it. kingmoreracking.com