"Leader of the Dragon Group?" Wang Gui exclaimed. She knew that the flying feathers and flowers were not dead. But she never thought that Li Yang had just killed the blood demon, a great credit, enough to destroy all the mistakes he had done before. Wang Gui has long stopped blaming Li Yang, and is even willing to give his body to Li Yang for the sake of the common people. Elder brother? Is he holding a magic whip? Attacked Li Yang? How could he do that? How could he do that? The flying flower cried out in disbelief. Where's Master? Where is Martial Uncle? Feihua's face suddenly changed and she seemed to have a bad feeling. Li Yang- "Gao Qingmei also saw Li Yang fall from the sky, immediately exclaimed,lamella clarifer, ran up.". The flying plume in the sky was very proud. He looked up to the sky and laughed hysterically. "This world is mine. My strength is the strongest. I am the last king." "Li Yang!"! Today is the day of your death. "Look at the whip-" Fei Ling fell from the sky with a roar, waving a whip, emitting a threatening magic power straight to Li Yang. After Li Yang fell to the ground,disc air diffuser, as if he had been greatly injured, he lay on the ground with only half of his body trembling. But the whole person can't get up at all. The power of the magic whip is evident. Fei Ling also immediately believed it, after all, he had never seen and used the magic whip, Lamella Plate Settler ,rapid sand filters, and has been sealed as an artifact, is the treasure of Kunlun. Seeing the power just now, he was so confident that he thought it was the power of the magic whip. And Li Yang is vulnerable. Regardless of the fact that he had just spent almost half of his mana, if this blow could not kill Li Yang, he might temporarily lose all his mana and recover in a few days. He may be defeated and die. But he doesn't care so much. What he wants to do most now is to make Li Yang die. "Die-" again a whip fell from the sky, enveloping the surrounding kilometers, the whip has not yet fallen, within a radius of kilometers of trees, rocks, flowers and plants, all turned into powder. And just as the whip was about to hit Li Yang, an amazing flash of blood shot out, with amazing power and speed as fast as lightning, coming later and first, and colliding firmly with the magic whip. At this time, something unexpected happened. The magic whip,MBR reactor, which was known as the magic of the realm of cultivation, was broken. It was easily cut off by the Tianluo Blood Magic Knife. The powerful magic power collapsed in an instant, and the bloody knife light went straight to the sky like a bamboo. khnwatertreatment.com