"Hey hey" I'm just an ordinary person I just want to kill a hooligan to earn some extra money Do you mind Ha ha ha ha The man stood up and then I realized that his hair was not messy but-he had no hair at all black was a ghost like hair drifting in the wind! He's bald! Two men walked out from behind the man They were tall and thin with a smell of evil on their faces Hei Hei said with a smile "This is our eldest brother the corpse demon My name is Evil God and his name is Evil Little" Then he pointed to the man beside him and the tone of his voice made the sweat pores of his whole body expand three times rapidly Captain Tyrannosaurus angrily waved his hand and shouted "Somebody kill the three of them!" The person behind is about to come forward a voice comes "Wait!"! Don't fall for the rascal's trick! "And who is it!" The head of the Tyrannosaurus seemed to have become a real Tyrannosaurus at this time looking around angrily The man who spoke came forward in his twenties unable to find anything extraordinary on his face except his deep eyes dressed in a gold suit followed by dozens of people The man laughed and said "Don't you know what a hooligan is" He pretends to seek Construction & Real Estate refuge with you in order to use you as a shield so that he can have time to escape Why don't you understand such a simple truth "Damn it who is it" I scolded angrily! Do I know you To expose my trick! I ***ed your mother! The head of the Tyrannosaurus also forgot the death of his five men He stared at me and said "Is what he said true" I shrugged my shoulders and said with a sigh "Oh just think of what he said as the truth I wanted to join you sincerely but before I joined you you began to doubt it How can we get along with each other in the future" Don't believe me Go and ask Brother Zhang if I embarrassed him when he came to me The eyes are sincere as if there really is such a thing Originally I did not intend to oppose the Chinese government so I did not treat Zhang Yingchang badly so I could say such shameless words so confidently Tyrannosaurus Regimental Commander looked back at Zhang Yingchang and got a heavy nod of reply He said helplessly "Now I don't know whether you are true or not Forget it Come back to me after you solve your personal problems" Then unexpectedly with the people behind him out of a hundred meters away the head of the Tyrannosaurus also pointed to the corpse demon three people and the corpse demon is smiling with the evil God evil less walked forward Losing two powerful enemies I breathed a sigh of relief and said in a low voice "We will fight as close as possible to the village entrance and find a chance to escape The gap between our numbers is too wide It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years!" The crowd nodded extremely ferocious and the hands holding the axe were all wet Another familiar voice rang out China Factory "Hooligan give me back the lives of the three thousand brothers who fell into the Japanese alliance!"! wWw. xiAoshUotxtcOm Chapter 80 Fox Hunting Game (6) Don't look to know the man is a dominant side I saw a dominant side with the remnants of his men dozens of people crazy to attack me didn't wait for me to speak extremely fierce and the God of war has met up two people are also attacked with an axe but the way of attack is a million miles away extremely fierce is completely in the hands of the giant axe as a fly swatter use Anyone who came close to him had their brains cracked and their bodies deformed while the attack of the God of War was accompanied by a series of freezing injuries The encounter with the head of the Tyrannosaurus just now had made him furious All those within ten meters of him were frozen into ice sculptures Then with a gentle sweep the "crackling" bodies broke into pieces I shook my head and sighed "These two people are really … …" Fighting is totally desperate depraved go and help! "Let them go boss" he said with a smile "We seem to be in big trouble" Then he pointed to the lonely cold face opposite and the three people who were hunting as well as the countless people who were eyeing covetously behind them The head of the other Tyrannosaurus had already fought against the three corpses The three were extremely fast Both of them used knives a kind of Miao knife one inch wide killing people like mowing grass See the evil God gently came to a person behind quickly draw five knife light the poor man staring eyes in the case of not feeling what happened was cut into a huge piece of meat blood intestines flow all over the ground although in the game is not feel any pain but he still screamed in horror The corpse demon even exaggeratedly summoned hundreds of monsters with blue faces and fangs to attack the head of the Tyrannosaurus only Home & Garden to hear one of them shout "My God this is a hidden professional player of the ghost repair class!" I don't know how many Chinese masters ghost cultivators demon cultivators and countless insolent players were drawn out from my duel with the Cold Rain Demon today These people are more professional players and higher level players-super players Grinning grimly I shot a finger through the head of a lonely and cold face I shouted "Damn with your strength now anyone can easily kill you How dare you come to find fault"! Brothers! *** them for me! The crowd behind me went crazy and rushed up while Bingbing followed closely behind me turning into smoke from time to time to attack some unlucky guy As for the village entrance there are tens of thousands of players watching the battle in the circle They know that they don't have the strength to compete with one of them but they are very interested in seeing who is the winner in this battle With a strange smile I brandished Lingchu and slashed at the ungrateful man in the gold suit He unhurriedly drew out his great sword behind him to resist my attack and said "My name is Fengse Ranger Remember my name I will be the first one to kill you!" "Fart!" I scolded the body quickly rotated in the rotation at the same time on the finger sent out internal force and the wind color ranger was ignorant of a move he secretly scolded a jump back in the hands of the sword instantly turned into dozens of whistling flying over he is from the ring out of a bottle of blood medicine to drink down Because of the battle with the cold rain demon just now coupled with the resistance to the disaster my whole body appeared in a state of physical exhaustion I clenched my teeth waved a sword and my body floated to the entrance of the village trade-global.com