Alexander said with a serious face, "No, to use your old saying, it is called the grace of a drop of water." Su Huaixia nodded: "Well, I remember your secret recipe. Thank you." "But you are not surprised at all." Su Huaixia wanted to continue her work, but was stopped by Alexander. Su Huaixia: "What?" She has black lines all over her head. Why is this man so hairy?! After I heard your secret just now, a lot of mysteries in my mind suddenly became clear. I must give you the same secret! That's fair! Alexander insisted. Su Huaixia really didn't want any secrets, but the man was like a mountain in front of her, and wherever she went, the man followed her. She kept talking behind Su Huaixia about some little secret recipes that she had already known. Su Huaixia has almost climbed to the top of the pyramid in the field of Chinese food, and there are really few secret recipes that she has not heard of. In the end, in desperation, Su Huaixia even put on an exaggerated expression to perfunctory Alexander. Miss Xia, your expression is faked. Will you not be so perfunctory to me? Alexander was very angry. Su Huaixia: ".." Now she wanted to put the iron pot with hot oil in her hand on the man's head. Knowing that he was going to make a mistake, Su Huaixia took a deep breath and said,347 stainless steel, "Alexander, I don't think so. Don't tell me the secret recipe of Chinese food any more.". Please tell me the secret recipe of western food. "But you are a Chinese cook." Su Huaixia warned herself to keep smiling: "But I am also very interested in Western food.". Moreover, food needs innovation, and the combination of Chinese and Western is also necessary. "You have a point." Alexander nodded at first, but then he thought of something and shook his head. "No.". It wouldn't be fair to me if I traded you the secret of Western food. Su Huaixia: "!" She is now seriously considering the possibility of letting Gu Hezhi drive off the axle. Alexander did not notice the blue veins on Su Huaixia's forehead. He was still talking to himself: "I,uns s32760 plate, Alexander Augustine, still rank high in the field of Western food. If you want to exchange secrets about Western food with me, you still need more secrets about Chinese food." Alexander Augustine? Hearing the name, Su Huaixia paused in his hand. She was familiar with the name. Before she was forty years old, she only wandered in the field of Chinese food because of her vision. Later, she met Gu Hezhi. Only then did he broaden his horizons and come into contact with the knowledge of Western food for nearly ten years. In her ten years of accumulation, Alexander Augustine is an impressive name. This person can be said to be a kitchen fanatic, obsessed with the matter of food to a terrible extent. It is also because of his obsession that he has achieved great success in cooking, whether in Chinese or Western food. But he was really named a master, or in the Western food. This man has been rated as the most influential chef in the West by later food magazines. Su Huaixia did not expect, in this small village, 316 stainless steel plate ,x70 line pipe, she actually saw the future of the entire food industry can not cross the superstar? Su Huaixia stopped all the movements in his hands and turned to look at Alexander. She carefully recalled the information about Alexander in her previous life. French, very proficient in both Chinese and Western food, once in Hong Kong under the teacher. Totally. That's the guy. Yeah. Su Huaixia was so happy in her heart. Gu Hezhi Ah, Gu Hezhi, you are so awesome! She screamed in her heart. She has always wanted to learn Western food in her previous life. Although it is easy to get started, she can learn it by finding some recipes on the Internet and even signing up for a class. But if you want to step into the sharp and deep field, it is really difficult. You need not only kungfu, but also a good master. Su Huaixia can learn Chinese food so well, because her grandfather is a great chef, left a lot of recipes and secret recipes to help her, let her take a lot of detours. But in the previous life, Su Huaixia did not find such a teacher. And at that time, she was too old to do many things. But now, Gu Hezhi sent Alexander directly to himself! Now Alexander in the eyes of Su Huaixia, is a step into the best Western food pilot, where there is the slightest dislike of his turtle hair! "You're not right either, Mr. Alexander." Su Huaixia used his brain to think about how to better exchange resources with Alexander. "You also said that I didn't even know the secret recipe just now.". That's enough to show my strength in Chinese food. In addition, I am a special chef specially appointed by Daniel. Although I am still young and not famous enough, I think the two items I just mentioned can represent my strength. Su Huaixia made an argument about her strength, and then she threw out her bait without giving Alexander time to think. Why don't we make a mutually beneficial deal. How about I teach you Chinese food and you teach me Western food? Su Huaixia asked. Do you want to learn western food? Alexander looked back at Su Huaixia without understanding, "You think that Chinese food masters disdain to learn Western food, just like my master." "That's because Master Yong is too old-fashioned, food has no national boundaries, and there is no distinction between Western food masters and Chinese food masters.". There are only chefs who can cook well and chefs who can't cook well. Alexander quietly whispered in surprise that it had come out of a little girl's mouth. He has been studying in China these days, and generally feels that the more traditional Chinese masters are, the more exclusive they are. Let his learning process is very difficult, if this little girl is really as good as he said, he might as well. Alexander thought over and over again, but in fact he did not suffer any loss. If the little girl's level is not up to standard, she can not be taught. But if the little girl's level is really high, that's what he earned. Alexander, who had made up his mind, responded, "I think it's a good idea. Is it a deal?" Su Huaixia smiled like a small sun: "It's a deal." Both of them are idiots,uns c68700, and now that they have made this agreement, they can't wait to start. But now both of them are not free cooks, and they still have responsibilities.