Can we change the punishment? It's not for me. I'm also for my wife. You see, my face and hands are not only mine, but also yours. I want to use them, but you have to use them, right? Don't you feel uncomfortable when you use it at night? Wu Liang said a meaningful sentence, saying that he also implicitly closed his right hand and made a kneading action. White lotus is stupefied at first, then reacts to come over, the face is suffused with red, two steps walk to Wu Liang front, stretch out a hand to pinch a twist to Wu Liang waist, "you are shameless!" Wu Liang took advantage of the situation to encircle Bai He's waist, while not forgetting to shout, "Ah!"! It hurts! Wife, be gentle! Bai He was so frightened that he quickly covered Wu Liang's mouth. "What are you shouting in broad daylight?"! You don't think I'm poor and stingy enough, and give me a shrew's hat, do you? Wu Liang shut up and shook his head in an attempt to make himself look innocent. The white lotus covers the hand on Wu Liang's face, puts on the waist a loose, then more forcefully a twist, just also far said is the sentiment, this used the full strength. Wu Liang grinned in pain and did not forget to pull an ugly smile. "It doesn't hurt, daughter-in-law. You can twist it again if you don't vent your anger." Bai He stared at him and continued to twist his eyes a few times, but Wu Liang laughed instead of shouting,juice filling machine, which really made her feel like a bully. He glared at him and stopped! "You'd better pray that no third person comes to me besides these two, or you'll sleep in the office!" Wu Liang nodded in horror, hugged Bai He in his arms, sat on his lap, and rubbed Bai He's hand ingratiatingly. "Daughter-in-law, your hand hurts. Don't do it yourself next time. You can say where you want to hit. I'll do it myself!" Bai He gave him a sidelong glance. Diagonally opposite, open a small crack in the room, Jianguo looked for a long time, some confused,water bottle packaging machine, "what is this doing?" Erbao secretly closed the crack of the door and pulled Jianguo back to bed, thinking for a long time, "I'm making a partner!" "It's terrible to have a partner!" Jianguo thought that he would not date in the future, it was too scary! When Erbao heard this, he nodded heavily in agreement. The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-12-23 20:50:11 ~ 2019-12-24 08:46:53. Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: Let the time go with the wind 1; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 94 The object is engaged in a few days, oh no, things are tidied up for a few days, finally is roughly tidied up. That day Baihe slept until he woke up naturally. Seeing that Erbao and Jianguo were tired these days, he didn't call the two people who were still in bed. He packed up and woke up early in the morning. The triplets who were playing with each other went out. A little bit behind the family area is a private plot that is not designated by each family. Bai He's family naturally has it. The day before yesterday, she was hurriedly taken by Chu Chu to recognize it. Today, she plans to do some planning. May is coming soon. If she grows vegetables one day earlier, she will have her favorite fresh vegetables to eat one day earlier. The triplets were 8 months old, and it was time to see everything strange. Bai He walked slowly and taught them what they saw on the way from time to time. He talked and laughed all the way to the vegetable field. The vegetable plot is not big, probably three parts of the plot, liquid bottle filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but if it is divided into small plots, it can also be planted with many kinds. There were also people working next to him. Bai He didn't know him. He nodded and began to shovel the ridges with a shovel. While shoveling, he didn't forget to talk to the triplets in the air, but he was also happy and contented. Your child is so good! Cao Liu, who was separated by two pieces of land, recognized at a glance that this was the new family member of Colonel Wu, but she was used to being shy. The other party did not know her, and she could not say hello. Now that she saw several children so cute, she could not resist saying a word. Bai He turned his head and smiled. "If you're not good, I'm the only one who can take care of you. If you're not good, no one will pay attention to you. Don't you have to be good?" In the past few days, I met a strange flower in a row. For those who couldn't figure out the way, Bai He was a little cautious. He opened his mouth and sold it first. "That's also because the child is sensible and considerate of his mother!" Cao Liu sees eye heat, "my home a few bigger, that is seven or eight years old really, the dog disrelishs!" White lotus is well versed in the routine of business blowing each other, mischievous that is lively and healthy, the more naughty the child is more intelligent, two people chat, but also quite happy. Roughly delimited the ridge, the white lotus stopped, planned to wait for Wu Liang to get off work to let him perfect again, was planning to say goodbye to the sister-in-law next to him, saw Wei Ci came over, is really a narrow enemy road! White lotus see oneself at the moment is a suit of old clothes, deeply hate oneself to go out before the trouble is lazy, can't dress up a little bit beautiful to go out again? At the moment, however, regret has been useless, Wei Ci has come to the front, Bai He turned to tease his son, as if he had not seen it. Wei Ci had already seen it, and saw the woman in the field talking and laughing and gently looking at a few lovely children, how could she miss such an opportunity, "Some people, worthy of digging in the soil, can't wash the mud on their feet in the city!" Then he rolled his eyes at Bai He and was about to leave. Ouch! I'll go! White lotus is not happy, originally ignored her on the current few days of things did not happen, even if she self-restraint good understanding of a lovelorn girl's mood, this is not over, right? Bai He looked up. "Who is Comrade Wei Ci talking about?"? Say me or the sister-in-law next to me, or both? Or a psycho talking to himself? Wei Ci did not expect Bai He to dare to talk back, just raised his feet fell back, even if there is nothing to be afraid of, "who answered who said!" Although her sister said that the other side is not like a little daughter-in-law from the village, but Wei Ci does not believe, at the moment it is really some believe, but so what? It was just a village woman with sharp teeth and a sharp mouth, and Wei Ci didn't even look down. I just came here, and I don't know Comrade Wei Ci. It's reasonable to say that I have no grievances in the past and no enmity in recent days. I don't know where I offended Comrade Wei Ci. Do you want to say that about me? Unless you want to be the second Ma Lili,water bottling line, I'll see what reason you can come up with! Bai He looked at Wei Ci with a half-smile. As soon as Wei Ci choked, he glared at Bai He. "I just can't bear to see you, an ignorant woman from the countryside. What's wrong?" 。