He flew into the pavilion, took a sharp breath, felt five inside rolling, and then exhaled. But he still insisted on falling down. He turned over and ran away, and landed in front of the door of the "Big Bowl of Collapse" shop, which had just been attacked in a scuffle. However, he suddenly felt a burst of tossing and turning, bent over and vomited. I threw up. He squatted down, but stood up again. He turned and fled into the shop. There was a way out behind the shop-a retreat he had already found before he killed. He has entered the shop. The man has disappeared. As soon as he disappeared, the iron hand could not help saying: "Chief Chen, you are so ruthless this time." Chen Feng's face was covered with knives again: "There is no need to arrest this kind of scum, and it is inevitable that they will be more ruthless." Xiao Yen didn't speak. Because when he heard the words of the iron hand, he suspected that he was right. So he walked slowly to the dog-shaped rock. That was the place where the monk at the mouth of the dog had just stopped. He watched carefully. He's watching. Look at the filth from the dog's mouth: It was a pool of blood. There were still some fragments in the blood, as if they were still moving, like short, fat and shameless worms: That should be the broken large intestine and small intestine, right? He walked into the pavilion with his head down and stared. There was also a pool of filth there. A big beach. He frowned: That pile is pancreas! And a few lungs and livers! He went to the front of the shop,Calacatta Quartz Slab, where the dog had just squatted a little and then forced his way into the shop. He looked more carefully this time. That's the throat bone, and this piece of broken pieces should be the heart, right? Then he wandered into the shop. He saw a corpse lying in the middle of the shop. A tricolor dog raised in the shop was stepping over his body, licking the blood that was still trickling out of the body with its tongue, and seeing the little yawn. Yes, he wagged his tail and barked. At this point,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he nodded his head and said to himself. Dunhuang Pai Yin palm, can not hit people, has broken the five internal organs, fierce. The people who died in the store were, of course: Qu yuan, the "Master of Dog's Mouth" in charge of the military forces in the south of the "Killer Monk Group". When he died, none of his internal organs were complete. He flashed Chen Feng's palm, but did not flash the palm wind of "Pai Yin Palm". She is his wound. By this time, Iron Hand, Ma Sanjin and Chen Feng had all walked into the shop of the "Big Bowl of Collapse" liquor store. The iron hand is still holding an injured person. Tequila. Tequila wasn't really hurt badly. But she hurt her face. The wound was only a bloody cut on the cheek. But she was also hurt. She is a swordswoman who dares to make her way in Jianghu. She was born in an aristocratic family. She has been favored and protected since she was a child. She has been trained well in everything Very satisfied, she also knows how to be modest and introspective, people are also smart, pietra gray marble ,White Marble Slabs, know how to guard against the future, know how to enrich themselves, but also quite clean. Self-love, holding the right swordsman, has become a very well-known in the capital, the martial arts world recognized as the "Goddess Captor.". But she missed this time. Defeated and held hostage by the enemy. It happened to be an extremely terrible and cruel killer. And I don't take pity on her at all. Or maybe that's the "child killer" way of "cherishing the beauty". They specialize in "abusing incense and breaking jade". "Pity the fragrance and borrow the jade." "Fragrance" and "jade" met this kind of person, can not be abused and destroyed, is lucky. Tequila no matter how brave, no matter how strong, no matter how much she wants to maintain the image of "I am the goddess of Tequila", it will be a big deal because of this. The knife is hurting her beautiful face. Everyone has only one face. For everyone, youth is only once. Tequila was the only one who took the knife to her face when she was in her prime. She cries out in pain. She wept. Her hot tears fell into the groove of the wound, which made her cry out in pain. Every time she cries out for pain, the heart of the iron hand hurts. He knew she was devastated. She held his hand tightly. He stopped her bleeding. His hand remained fixed. But who knows that his heart is in a mess, torn into seven pieces, broken into a thousand pieces, twisted into a ball! He would rather have the knife on his face, heart, or even neck than the one on Tequila. Tequila said nothing but clutched his hand and wept. He knew that she had said everything: She took a knife to listen to his work. She is a beautiful woman, this knife, she can not afford. He is sorry for her. The wound was supposed to be his. He owes her a lifetime! His heart is confused, but his appearance is calm. And set. Perhaps it was because of his natural appearance that he was calm and relaxed, and because of his own gas state that the clouds leaned against the deep, or perhaps it was because he felt one. What kind of crisis? So in this time of confusion, heartbreak, heartache, and extreme discomfort in his heart, his appearance was still as calm as ever. It's just that others can't easily find out that his brow bone is covered with sweat, and his back shirt is wet with sweat, which is not splashed by waterfall and flying fog. His hands are still steady, but the operation has been a bit chaotic: If not, how could he just catch Yugula? He put his finger on her wound, and she cried out in pain, "Iron hand!" Only then did he say: “…… I'm sorry He saw that the wound was still bleeding. He tried to cover it to keep it from bleeding. How could a man who is as experienced as an iron hand make such a mistake if he was not so confused? Although his mind was confused and his movements were confused, his judgment was not reduced, his speech was calm, and his observation was still clear. Xi. So he stopped chasing the remaining ten killers. The pursuit has been useless. Their leader is dead. He didn't want to kill them, and he didn't want to catch them: his heart was hanging on the wound of tequila. Now enmity has deep knot: If let Chen Feng, Ma three catties to catch these ten killers,Calacatta Nano Glass, I am afraid must kill and do not scratch, he does not want to kill evil. He only immediately went into the shop of "Beng Da Wan". He was only one step too late to see the "five internal organs cracked" on the ground. "Qu yuan's corpse, but may be the first to find the shopkeeper's old man walking slowly from the dark part of the shop.". forustone.com