The bodyguard didn't know that Lai Hui's parents had divorced long ago. Hearing what Zhang Zongxiang said, he thought of his parents in his hometown. He sold his physical strength to earn money in the hope that his parents could live a good life, but he didn't dare to tell his parents about the nature of his work. The old man thought a lot and was naturally worried. He thought that Mr. Zhang's worry was reasonable, so he couldn't help sympathizing with him. "Don't worry," he said casually. "Boss Zhou is very kind to Miss Lai. For so many years, there has been no other woman!" As soon as Zhang Zongxiang heard this, his eyes lit up and he was so happy that he thought to himself that his father-in-law was sure. Text chapter 22 Zhou Yuqian did not return to Nanling Villa for a month. Apart from accompanying his parents, he could not go away for a while because of the media fanaticism. Naturally, the matter of Nanling Golden House could not be exposed in front of people. Therefore, he honestly lived with his parents in a luxury house in the city. Just pity the "prospective father-in-law" Zhang Zongxiang, he had no time to talk openly with the "prospective son-in-law", he was thrown into the kitchen of a restaurant. This is the first time that Lai Hui has asked for help since she came to a city four years ago, just because she had the idea of chopping people with a knife for the first time. Zhang Zongxiang couldn't drive him away. Every time he mentioned asking him to go back to his hometown, he had too many excuses to count. Lai Hui couldn't really throw him out. If he went back to his hometown and talked nonsense, she would lose face. It didn't matter. What she was afraid of was the right and wrong of his mother. But even if you give him a look, he won't accept it. Usually if you are in a good mood and are willing to talk to him, he will climb along the pole and talk to you for a long time, during which he will certainly hint or test her and Zhou Yuqian. Whenever Lai Hui hears such secret words as "Boss Zhou is a good man", it is as disgusting as killing a mosquito and swallowing its blood. Lai Hui suspects that if things go on like this,Marble Granite Price, she is likely to go against the way of heaven and often kill her father! Therefore, before the tragedy happened, she found Cheng Lan, whom she had not seen for a long time. The design of the living room of the villa is typical Nordic style, simple, lively and generous. The white European sofa is facing the French window. Looking up is the blue sky, and looking down is the green lake. It is as clean as a neat living room,Pietra Gray Marble, without any dregs. Lai Hui liked this small villa very much. Cheng Lan decorated it like a home. She often said to Lai Hui, "Every tree and grass here is planted by myself.". Lai Hui knew she was exaggerating, but she was smart not to expose it. Whenever Cheng Lan spoke like a hostess, she always smiled and praised her, and added words of envy. She felt that she had done a good deed. I asked Ouyang's friend for a mango sapling the day before yesterday and planted it in the backyard. When the mango is ripe, I can pick a few of them. Cheng Lan, dressed in light blue silk home clothes and sandals, handed the coffee she had brewed to Lai Hui. You really know how to live. Ouyang has a good taste! Lai Hui smiled, but thought to herself, how many years will it take for the sapling to grow up and bear fruit? "Speaking of this, I have to complain to you, you said Ouyang so many chain restaurants, guests have to line up to eat, white marble mosaic ,Slate Wall Panel, where can he go to eat?"? I have to do it. I hate it. My hands and face are greasy when I cook. Smiling like a flower, Cheng Lan "complained." Lai Hui stole the time, took the coffee and turned her face away, pretending to patrol the layout of the house. She really didn't know when Cheng Lan had learned the charming tone of a little girl. " …… You said you were going to find a job for your father? Cheng Lan finally got back to the point. Then Lai Hui put the coffee back on the table. Her eyelashes drooped slightly, her elbows propped on her knees, and she leaned forward. She made a gesture of begging for help. Then she opened her mouth and said, "Is Ouyang short of people?" Cheng Lan patted her on the shoulder and answered like a good sister, "I don't know if there is a shortage of people, but I can grind a vacancy with him!" When Lai Hui heard this, she was a little distracted and laughed. Now that people should you, it should return, Cheng Lan most need to return is: "I want to listen to you and Ouyang things!"! It's enviable! "" Cheng Lan naturally answered every request. Lai Hui listened for two hours before she left. When the car drove out of the garden gate, Lai Hui looked at Cheng Lan waving to her by the door in the rearview mirror. She felt pity for her. She kept saying what she had said to herself for so long. She couldn't wait to say it. She said it eloquently, probably because The house decorated like a home has been deserted for a long time! After Ouyang came back, Cheng Lan told him about it. Originally, Cheng Lan thought it would take a long time, but Ouyang promised to come down. On the third day, he gave Lai Hui a reply-chef assistant, responsible for board and lodging, with a monthly salary of 3500 and a double salary at the end of the year. Cheng Lan thought that he had helped Lai Hui, and Lai Hui also thought so. They didn't know that Ouyang heard that it was Lai Hui's father, so they sold a favor to Zhou Yuqian. No matter whether Lai Hui was intentional or not, this little favor Zhou Yuqian was uncertain. As soon as Zhang Zongxiang's work was carried out, Lai Hui immediately packed his luggage and sent it to the dormitory. Ouyang specifically told his subordinates to give him a single room. From top to bottom, he was very polite to Zhang Zongxiang because of the care of the chairman. Apart from the chef's scolding, Zhang Zong lived in it, eating and drinking, and was very uncomfortable. Seemingly each has its own place, during which only Jiayi suffered the most. Zhou Yuqian's divorce made his dormitory difficult for many days. Once he fell asleep in the middle of the night, he had a dream again. Dreaming of a gray day, Lai Hui and Xiao Yu were trapped in a muddy pond. They were all wrapped in yellow mud. Xiao Yu's body sank to her chin. She shouted, Jia Yi, help me! Lai Hui on the other side also waved to him, and he stood on the edge of the grass, watching them sink and sink. Lai Hui's hand stretched out to him, and his face was full of hope for him. On the other side, there were a few strands of hair floating on the yellow mud. He jumped into the pond in horror, picked up Xiao Yu and went ashore. When he looked back, he saw the back of Zhou Yuqian leaving with Lai Hui in his arms. He ran after him, and Xiao Yu called him behind him. "Jia Yi, Jia Yi!" Wake up When Xie Jiayi opened his eyes, Xiao Yu handed him his cell phone and said, "Here,Silver Travertine Slabs, your phone!" She took out a tissue to wipe the sweat for Jiayi and said, "The air conditioner is on the lowest, and I'm still sweating all over. It's true!" 。