"Dou Mingfei is such a big coffee, but only this time did he bring our goddess to the 47th hot search?" Hearing Hua Yaoyao's words, Ming Sang Sang looked surprised. Dou Mingfei, that's a big star who is not much different from Chen Jinye. As a result, the hot search that has something to do with him only got the 47th place? "In fact, Dou Mingfei's hot search is in the second place, and our goddess's live broadcast room is the 47th one." Hua Yaoyao shrugged her shoulders and said, "The second hot search is only Dou Mingfei, the goddess was blurred, and did not say who it was, nor did it specify which live broadcast platform anchor." "Well, the hot search in the live broadcast room of the goddess has reached the fortieth place." Yasina also followed to open the light brain to see the star blog hot search, watching the heat of her goddess's live broadcast room slowly become higher, she is still a little happy? Chapter 319 brain-damaged fans and illegitimate meals [third watch]. "What did Dou Mingfei do?" Chen Jinye's voice was not loud, and the live camera on Tu Rong Rong's side did not capture his voice, so the audience in the live room did not hear what he said. Chen Jinye heard Hua Yaoyao they said Dou Mingfei's own efforts to paint velvet to bring the hot search, he quickly opened the light brain to look at Dou Mingfei's star blog, he saw his bright praise of his little anchor's star blog. Chen Jinye sent a message to Dou Mingfei helplessly. [Your Jinye Dad: What's the matter with you? Unexpectedly, he was on the hot search with my little anchor? You don't want to live? Doubifei: Aren't I helping your little anchor? With my publicity, the attention of her live studio will also increase,facial recognition thermometer, right? [Doubifei: And I'm different from you. If the news that you are close to the little anchor gets out, it will cause a big shock. I am not the same ah, I praise the little anchor, my fans will not explode. [Doubifei: After all, my fans are used to my gossip, and they don't think I'm in love or something when they see me interacting with girls, and then they target other girls.] Chen Jinye looked at Dou Mingfei's message,smart whiteboard price, and he quite agreed with the last sentence, because although Dou Mingfei did not have the romance of Mu Yunzhuo, he also had several girlfriends, and there were many actresses who had gossip with him. Dou Mingfei's fans have become accustomed to their own gossip with girls, of course, they are not every time they see Dou Mingfei say a few words to a girl, or praise a girl, they feel that Dou Minfei likes her, wants to chase her or something. That is to say, compared with Chen Jinye, a super male God who has always kept himself clean, Dou Mingfei's fans really won't explode because of the news of Dou Mingfei's girlfriend. What's more, Dou Mingfei just praised the delicious food cooked by other anchors, not that he liked other anchors, digital whiteboard price ,face recognition identification kiosk, nor that this was his girlfriend, so fans would not be forced to pull Lang to match. But even so, Chen Jinye is still very sad and jealous, he still can't make any progress with his wife, more can't brazenly pursue his wife, he is jealous that Dou Mingfei can take his wife on the hot search on Xingbo. [Your Jinye Dad: Are you sure there won't be any scandal if you praise my little anchor so much? No one will think you like my little host? [Doubifei: I think you think too much.] [Doubifei: I have praised a lot of anchors over the years. There are both men and women. Not all of them will gossip with me, okay?] [Doubifei: Just because I'm an artist, I can't think that if I praise other girls, I have bad intentions for them, right? My fans are not so stupid, okay? Chen Jinye: ".." His fans really have a lot of brain-damaged fans. At the beginning, it was just because other viewers mentioned him in the live broadcast room of their own little anchor. As a result, the group of brain-damaged fans tore up their own little anchor directly. Last time, because he said a few words to his little anchor, the group of brain-damaged fans tore up his sweetheart again, which made Chen Jinye very angry. Although Chen Jinye is the top male God in the Star entertainment circle, more than 80% of the Star people like him, but it is because more than 80% of the fans have people of all ages and personalities, so the brain-damaged fans and illegitimate fans will not stop despite repeated prohibitions. He washed the powder so many times, but the result is that there are still a lot of brain-damaged fans, even illegitimate fans, regardless of whether he admits it or not, anyway, they are stubborn that they like him, love him, and then all kinds of unscrupulous means. This is also Chen Jinye's little trouble in the entertainment circle for so many years-although the brain-damaged fans like to tear, but the number of fans in his group occupies a minority, so there is no big wave. As for the illegitimate meal, there is, but the force value is comparable to the humanoid weapon, he is afraid of the illegitimate meal? Few bastards are as skillful as him, and all those who want to attack him are sent to the Exile Star by him, okay? Chapter 320 gossip [Fourth Watch]. However, when Dou Mingfei vowed that he would not have an affair with Tu Rong Rong, that no one would think that he liked Tu Rong Rong so he would praise her, and that he did not want to chase her to share her live broadcast room, the hot search of Xingbo changed. # Dou Mingfei's new love affair # # Dou Mingfei is an affectionate little anchor # # Dou Mingfei forwards live broadcast room for love # [What? Dou Mingfei likes this little anchor? I said, wasn't this little anchor kicked out of the house? The recent rise has been particularly strong, and there must be someone behind it. I said that it is not easy for a person who has just started live broadcasting for two or three months to have millions of fans. [Yes, especially there are many local tyrants in her live broadcast room, so there must be someone behind her.] [I didn't expect that Dou Mingfei, the eldest young master, was behind it?] [Dou Mingfei is a young master of an aristocratic family. His girlfriend used to make a lot of money.] [I said that the last time the Tu family dealt with her, why did the Time and Space Group and Jin Ye all speak for her? It turned out that it was because of Dou Mingfei?] [As we all know,interactive whiteboard prices, our male God Jin Ye and Dou Mingfei are friends and have a good relationship.] [Rubbish anchor, an 18-line anchor who doesn't know where to come from, dares to make fun of our male gods?] 。 hsdtouch.com