"General Lee, let's watch the show next." Liu Yimeng went out with a folding fan. All right Li yuancheng answered. Waiting for someone to walk away, Li yuancheng looked at the trembling red plum in the pavilion and frowned: "Take her with you." Then he turned and walked away. The soldier received the order and quickly set up the shaking red plum. Hongmei was carried out with a white face. She looked flustered and frightened. The rainstorm continued, the thunder and lightning flashed, and the whole house of the leader of the alliance was like the mouth of a huge beast, which swallowed people into its belly and could not escape. Feng Jiaojiao walked in the rainstorm, dressed in white and fluttered by the wind. The weak and slender waist seemed to fall down as soon as it was blown. Holding the veil in her hand, she said bitterly, "Damn Hongmei, where are you hiding? When I find her, I'll have to skin her!" "Bastard!" Feng Jiaojiao stopped and slapped the maidservant who held the umbrella for her in the face. I can't even hold an umbrella. Why do I feed you? Feng Jiaojiao shouted angrily. The corners of her clothes were wet by the rain. The maidservant shook her body in fear, her cheeks were red and swollen, and her rain-wet clothes made her look thin. Sorry, sorry, sorry.. The maidservant said submissively. Go faster! Feng Jiaojiao stretched out her foot and kicked the maidservant's leg: "Bones." Said Feng Jiaojiao, turning around and walking faster and faster. The maidservant didn't have breakfast. He is one of the few people in the house who has not been poisoned. Dad doesn't know what he's doing these days, but he doesn't care about me. Today,86 smart board, those rough people shouted so loudly that they were bored to death. Why didn't they die? Feng Jiaojiao kicked the stones on the roadside irritably. She was woken up by the noise of those people early this morning, and all the servant girls around her died, leaving only Hongmei to use. That dead wench unexpectedly disappeared, she must say with daddy, must strip her skin! The maidservant behind Feng Jiaojiao looked at Feng Jiaojiao submissively, shaking her hand with an umbrella, and the rain fell in her eyes,interactive digital whiteboard, and she could not open her eyes. But in order not to be beaten, she had to grit her teeth and persevere. After a while, Feng Jiaojiao cursed and walked to Feng Jue's room. Dad, Jiaojiao is looking for you. Come out. Those people are in Qingzhuju. What do you look like if you don't show up? Feng Jiaojiao clapped the door hard and loudly to ensure that Feng could not hear it. Jiaojiao, you go back to your room first. Dad has his own plan. Feng Juepan sat on the bed and shouted in a deep voice. Daddy! Feng Jiaojiao stamped her feet and pinched her handkerchief. "Dad, you don't know how many houses and utensils they have smashed these days.". They "Quick, surround it!" A voice came from outside the courtyard, and the footsteps were orderly. It should be someone from the army. Daddy! Feng Jiaojiao heard these voices and exclaimed. yuan Feng has arrived. Inside the room, Feng Jue clenched his teeth, his face was ferocious, his blood beads stuck to his face, and he looked coldly at the two men who had fallen to the ground. Damn He roared in a low voice and said to the door, digital touch screen board ,smart boards for conference rooms, "Jiaojiao, come in." Feng Jiaojiao listened, pushed the door open and went in. The maidservant followed behind, his body was wet by the rainstorm, shaking his body, and closed the door submissively. She looked carefully outside the door, a string of silver soldiers came in again and again, the maidservant did not dare to look, withdraw the line of sight, hurriedly closed the door. Dad, what's going on? How can it surround your yard? You go out and argue with them, Dad. "Stop!" Seeing that Feng Jiaojiao was about to enter the inner room, Feng Jue snapped and let Feng Jiaojiao stop. Feng Jiaojiao was startled by Feng Jue and felt very aggrieved. She hadn't seen her father for three days. Usually her father treated her very well. He never snubbed herself so much. Now, hum! She was wronged and tears pattered down. He pinched the veil in his hand and wiped his tears carefully. "Dad, don't you like Jiaojiao?"? Did Jiaojiao do something wrong? Jiaojiao "No." Feng Jue had a headache, put his hand on his forehead, and looked at the two people who were going to die on the ground. How can these be seen by Feng Jiaojiao? "Jiao Jiao is good. Dad is afraid of scaring you, so he doesn't have to come in." "What!" Feng Jiaojiao is frightened greatly: "Is father also poisoned?" "Mmm." Feng Jue is powerless to hum. When Feng Jiaojiao heard this, she was furious. She twisted her handkerchief in her hand and gnashed her teeth. "Didn't I ask that cheap girl Hongmei to tell you not to eat breakfast?" "Shut up." Feng Jue shouted: "Keep your voice down.". ” The crowd gathered outside the door, and Feng Jiaojiao's voice was so loud that no one outside could hear it. Listen to the noise just now, there are a lot of people coming. Do you seem to have doubts about him? The whole yard is surrounded. Are you going to make it difficult for him to fly? But just listen to the meaning of Jiaojiao, is she under the poison? Chest tightness, a mouthful of blood almost spit out. Although his face was stained with blood, he could still see the livid under his red face. Feng Jue deliberately lowered his voice and asked in a low voice, "Did you poison him?" Feng Jiaojiao was wronged. She was reprimanded twice in one day, which made her feel uncomfortable. "It's not me," she said angrily! It's Hongmei! "Keep your voice down." Feng Jue was distressed that he could not beat or scold his daughter in such a manner. My heart hurts. Feng Jiaojiao was wronged and covered her chest. When Feng Jue heard this, he looked anxious and clenched his fist, unable to speak. Hongmei is beside her, doesn't that mean she poisoned her? But this is not important, just so loud, how many people outside the door heard? Outside the door The people outside the door are all top players, and the situation inside is more or less clear. Li yuancheng glanced at Hongmei, and the two soldiers had a good eye to drive Hongmei to Li yuancheng. She said she didn't do it, you did. Li yuancheng said lightly, quietly watching Hongmei to see if she was lying. The red plum trembled, the rain poured down, the cold rain poured on the head, and the cold chill spread to the bone marrow. She did not dare to look at Li yuancheng,interactive panels for education, but she knew that she had to insist on the facts before, anyway, what she said was right. I think the general was just testing her. hsdsmartboard.com