Su Zili looked around, the students had set out in twos and threes, and the rest of the cars were full. She looked at her watch and began to run to the gate. Where are you going? When Chen Jing saw Su Cili looking around, he began to walk to the school gate and hurriedly got out of the car to chase her. Go to take the bus. Without looking back, Su Zili said that there was still half an hour to go, and it should be too late to take the bus. It is really difficult for her to ride in the same car with Chen Jing. When Chen Jing saw that she was trying to avoid the plague, he couldn't help shouting, "So you don't like me?" Susan stopped in her tracks. Chen Jing quickly caught up with her, turned her around and whispered, "Ah Li, don't you like me so much?" The man in front of him was red-eyed and sunken. "I don't blame you," he said. Then why don't you want to be with me? Why don't you want to take my car? Chen Jing was powerless. "Are you still blaming me?" Su Zili shook his head. She didn't blame him, and she even knew that she was wrong about him. But how can she say? Why don't you want to take your car? Because, as soon as she saw the car, she would think of the teenager who threw the car for her. In the middle of the night, she would always think of his bleeding arm,65 inch touch screen, and she would always think of his red and cautious face on his motorcycle. Let's go Seeing that the two men were deadlocked, Su Zili compromised and sat in the back seat. The two men were speechless for a moment. Why don't you drive? Su Cili saw Chen Jing did not start, the bottom of my heart doubt. Chen Jing looked down at his empty waist, and then remembered that the man was no longer a lover, and naturally he would not embrace him. Li, what happened in those years- "Chen Jing hesitated to tell her." I know. Wang Xiaobei told me all the time. At that time, she mistakenly thought that Chen Jing betrayed herself,smart interactive whiteboard, but later learned that her distrust led to the end of the two people, "I'm sorry." She owed him that. A Li, "Chen Jing almost shed tears," I was- " "Let's go. We'll be late." Su Cili interrupted Chen Jing, although she knew that she was wrong about him, but some things did happen, she did not want to hear Chen Jing say that. As long as she thought of those fragments, she would feel that her heart was so painful and painful. Li, you blame me after all. Chen Jing looked at Su Zili, who was shuttling through the crowd, and wanted to snatch the bottle from her hand. He knew she was a good drinker, interactive flat panel display ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, but was it necessary to drink like that? In such a short time, she has drunk more than ten bottles of beer. Since arriving here, a Li has been avoiding him, sitting down in the farthest place from him for dinner, playing games without being in the same group with him, and even when her classmates heckled the monitor and the commissary in charge of studies to drink a cup of wine, she refused because she had a boyfriend. Isn't that guy yuan Ji? Don't you think he knows? Two people are just holding hands, what boyfriend! Chen Jing said to himself, holding the wine glass in his hand more and more tightly. Why was he the only one who was so entangled? He really wanted to tear up her smiling face to see if she was so happy inside! Chen Jing made up his mind to pick up his glass and walk over to Su Zili. So Ari, you've started your own company? A girl said in surprise. It's not a company. I just help my sister buy some Rosa roxburghii. Susan doesn't want to be too special in front of her classmates. Oh, "the girl's expression softened a little." At that time, you and Chen Jing were both escorted. I don't know how many people envied you. "Well, speak of the devil, the squad leader is here." Chen Jing walked slowly toward Su Cili, and before he could open his mouth, he was surrounded by a group of girls. Monitor, is your return to China for a long time or a short time? "Monitor, I heard that you are studying at Carnegie Mellon University. The computer of that school is world-class. Do you plan to develop in China?" "Monitor, do you have a girlfriend?" …… Su Cili saw Chen Jing smiling and answering the questions raised by the girls one by one. Whenever he said an answer, all the girls present would exclaim. Su Cili thought that Chen Da Monitor was as charming as ever. Looking at the current situation, it is better for her to find a male classmate to drink by herself. When Chen Jing saw that Su Cili had managed to escape again, he could not help but secretly hate himself for why he had arranged for men and women to be separated. If only he had known earlier, he would have let them go one-on-one. After dinner, the crowd shifted their positions to KTV. Lao Xiao went back early because he had to go to class. In the absence of the teacher, the group naturally played even more crazily. As soon as Chen Jing's proposal of men and women sitting alternately was exported, it was unanimously agreed by the male compatriots. Chen Jing naturally took the opportunity to sit beside Su Cili. When he saw the man beside him with a proud face, he suddenly remembered that he had looked at himself like that four years ago, laughing at himself for not learning to ride a bicycle anyway. You're driving me anyway. At that time, she was right to retort. Su Zili laughed at herself. Today is different from the past. Now she has even learned how to ride a motorcycle. Not wanting to sing, Su Zili simply punched the boys around him. Chen Jing watched her drink a cup of white wine, and the anger in her heart finally burst out. Ignoring the surprise of the crowd, he pulled Suzi Li out of the private room. What are you doing? After a while, the students will misunderstand. Although not many people saw, Su Cili was still a little worried, she struggled to go back, but Chen Jing's hand was too strong, she had no power to fight back. Misunderstanding? What are you afraid they will misunderstand? This one? Chen Jing pressed Su's body against the wall and kissed him face to face. Chen Jing, you let go. Su Cili struggled desperately,smartboards for business, but as Chen Jing's strength increased, she gradually lost her voice. She found that she was still nostalgic for his smell! She obviously hates this man. Class reunion "You ran away in the middle of the row just now. Come and finish this cup quickly!" As soon as Su Zili returned to the private room, the boy who had just punched her came over with a large glass of wine. Susan looked around as if no one had noticed what had just happened. She breathed a sigh of relief and gulped down the wine in her glass.