"Master of the Ghost Castle," the old man said with a sudden change of voice, "Your Abbess's ancestor Ouyang Ming is the founder of this castle. In the past year, he turned against your Abbess's ancestor because of a misunderstanding. The ancestor's anger disappeared in the barren mountain.." Han Shangzhi blurted out, "Is that the Great Wilderness Shenni?" "Yes, how do you know?" "Disciple Sun met her once!" In order to prevent Wu Xiaomei from becoming a monk, Han Shangzhi rushed into the Great Barren Mountain and was forced to get engaged to Wu Xiaomei because he lost to the Great Barren Mountain Shenni. Of course, he was deeply impressed. But this origin was something he had never dreamed of. Suddenly he remembered that the mastermind of that day was the "lost soul man". When he was moved, he could not help saying, "It's suspicious that I think of something." "What is it?" "On that day, the'Lost Soul Man 'was also in the nunnery!" "昭 ! Maybe the'Lost Soul Man 'is the disciple of your Abbess Shangzu, so she is familiar with the rules and martial arts of this castle, so that the matter of breaking the palm of the cave happened! "But she calls Shenni an old-timer?" "There may be something else in this, and you have no precautions to check!" "Yes!" "Now listen to me. Your Abbess Ouyang Ming also left the castle in anger and disappeared. Unexpectedly, today, decades later, you are destined to know his whereabouts. Forty years ago, your Abbess Zhu Zhenhuan was besieged by hundreds of experts in Kuaiji Mountain. Afterwards, he sent back a head covered with blood.." The "Master of the Ghost Castle" paused for a moment, saying, "I was so angry that I took the head of your Abbess as a sign of revenge. The purpose was to let your Abbess see the enemies fall down one by one!" "Han Shangzhi was entranced. This is indeed a fantastic and moving story." At this point, the ghost castle master stood up and said, "Huier, take him to dinner,75 inch smart board, and then you can go out of the castle with him to do business. You don't have to come to see me again." Then he turned and went inside. After Dongfang Hui and Han Shangzhi hastily ate their food, they tidied up a little and went out of the "Ghost Castle". The two of them slowly walked out of the palace road side by side, but their hearts were heavy. Huimei, some. "I'm your aunt," said Dongfang Hui sadly. Han Shangzhi is like an electric shock, yes, she is her aunt, and her father is the relationship between brother and sister,smartboard for business, this is a fact that can not be overturned, but that unforgettable love, can be denied? Nope! "Huimei, you." Finally, Dongfang Hui couldn't help shedding two tears and sobbed, "Brother Zhi!" She hated herself for not having the courage to be reserved, knowing that one more step would lead to a bottomless abyss. However, she could not control her steps, and the consequences were terrible. Han Shangzhi stopped. Holding Dongfang Hui's slender hand, he said, "Sister Hui, you are haggard. Why?" "For fate!" "Can't we reform our destiny and resist it?" "Do you think it's possible?" Four tearful eyes, for a long time, the two sides looked at each other and smiled. But the smile was a sad wry smile, and at last they embraced and kissed. They put aside the reality for a moment and asked for a moment of comfort. This is not the beginning of life is not an ornament, although, behind this kiss. There is too much pain hidden; but they still ask for this instant comfort. At this moment- A bitter and heavy sigh passed through the ears of the two men. Two people suddenly separated, 4k smart board ,interactive boards for classrooms, looked around, but did not see half a silk figure. One side of the official road is a rolling river, and the other side is a forest like a belt. As soon as Han Shangzhi shot into the forest, he saw a white figure in the distance, running through the forest like a ghost in the wind. He was so proud that he said, "I must catch up with you to see what's going on." In the mind, a tight body, such as wisps of smoke, through the forest more than this, the tail of the disease. The white figure seemed to be not weak and surprisingly fast. One by one, unconsciously has galloped for several miles, Han Shangzhi felt that the white figure, is very familiar, but also a woman. He was even more reluctant to pursue closely. The white figure changed direction from time to time, but did not go beyond the edge of the forest. It only galloped around the forest like a shuttle. Because the direction did not change, it suddenly pressed east and west, and from time to time the dense bushes blocked the view. So no matter how high Han Shangzhi's skill is, it's not easy to catch up with the other side. When Dongfang Hui saw that Han Shangzhi had not come out for a long time, she was waiting to get up. Suddenly- A very familiar voice rose behind him, "Oriental girl, have you forgotten my words?" Dongfang Huifang felt a huge shock in her heart, as if she had suddenly lost her footing in the ice cellar. She shivered smartly. She already knew who the speaker was. She struggled to move her delicate body, and her face was terribly pale. In the place of Zhang Xu, there stood a masked woman, who was the mysterious "lost soul". Dongfang Hui's heart colds at the "lost soul man". "Lost soul enters" with a kind of low tone way: "Oriental girl, why not wield wisdom sword, cut love silk? Dongfang Hui's eyes were red and she said, "Senior, I.." I lost my courage when I saw him! Tears finally flowed down the cheeks with the voice. Oriental girl, does he know what relationship you have with him? "I know, but." He "Sister Hui, you can call me sister. I treat you as a sister. Do you think it's too cruel for me to break you up?" "No!"! You're right, I'm his aunt, we can't be together, never! But "How is it?" "My heart, all my feelings, have been completely dedicated to him, I have …" Nothing.. "Sister, you love him, you should leave him, love is sacrifice, not possession, of course you understand the terrible consequences, indecision, both sides will fall into the realm of eternity, since I can foresee the inevitable consequences, I can not remain silent, sister.." Dongfang Hui raised her head to the sky, as if to pour out her sorrow and pain to the sky. "Sister, I know this is an unbearable pain for you, but when you think of the whole family of your Second Elder Martial Brother who died tragically, only this vein is left. At the same time,touch screen interactive whiteboard, if your father knows about this.." As soon as Dongfang Hui heard the mention of her father, she fought with her whole body in vain, and her body was tottering. hsdsmartboard.com