And the faces of those elders are not sad or happy, they can see that although Ye Yang was hit and flew out, but nothing happened. Although the dragon tyrant is the upper hand, but only in the scene, in fact, neither of them suffered. Ye Yang's eyes were suffused with cold light, and when the dragon tyrant saw that Ye Yang had nothing to do, he stood up and suddenly rushed toward Ye Yang with a cold hum. His right hand flashed with a strong light, and his right hand blasted out violently, sending out a powerful shock wave from his right hand, sweeping over Ye Yang. Where the shock wave passed, a long passage was lifted on the ground, which was half a meter deep and was impacted by the edge of the shock wave. Ye Yang took a deep breath, gave a loud shout, and the black awn of his right fist flashed. He also punched the shock wave. The two powerful forces collided, and the shock wave was broken down into countless tiny pieces by the black awn, and then disappeared without a trace. Seeing this behind the scenes, Long Ba's face suddenly changed. He did not believe how his attack had disappeared, he gave a light shout, his hands clapped each other, and two powerful shock waves turned in the opposite direction to each other and rushed towards Ye Yang. The two forces came together on the way,smart board interactive whiteboard, forming a super shock wave with a diameter of three meters. This shock wave uses the principle of reverse rotation to increase its power several times. The wave of its impact lifted the whole stone floor between Ye Yang and Long Ba. Ye Yang's face changed slightly, but the corners of his mouth smiled coldly. Ye Yang has used this reverse rotation more than once, and he is more skilled than Long Ba. Play against each other, I play you to death, "Ye Yang sneered, his legs slightly bent, making a good gesture to meet.". Originally people thought he would use what kind of way to meet, but did not expect Ye Yang actually Hei Hei a smile,touch screen whiteboard, to avoid, this can let everyone is surprised. On this occasion, people usually choose to bombard each other, so that they can show their strength. But Ye Yang did not hesitate to get out of the way, how can not make those people feel a little incredible ah. Even the dragon tyrant felt depressed when he saw this behind the scenes. He finally made a super move, but he didn't expect that people would choose to avoid this move, and his own move was released in vain. Long Zu suddenly laughed, he said to the side of the dragon emperor: "This boy is a little interesting.". The Dragon Emperor's eyes flashed slightly, and he said uncharacteristically, "It's really interesting. I haven't met such an open-minded person as him for a long time." Long Zu nodded, this open-minded is not so easy to practice. In this case, he actually chose to avoid, which shows how open-minded he is. With an open-minded heart, it is easier to reach a higher level. Long Ming and the rosefinch shook their heads with a wry smile. The rosefinch said, "The eldest brother is really a wonderful man. Sure enough, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive panel board, what he does is always so unexpected." Long Ming also said with a smile, "If you are not a wonderful man, how can you be the boss of us? I am really convinced of him now." Sun Yiwei is full of smiles, although Ye Yang has become tall, thin, black. But his surname has never changed, or this kind of cynical surname, which makes Sun Yiwei deeply fascinated by him. After Ye Yang jumped away, he did not stop, but gave a light shout and instantly moved behind Long Ba. Fortunately, his other powers have merged into a disintegrating power, which has not yet disappeared. You also taste my reverse attack. "Ye Yang's hands were wrapped in black gas, and the two black manes rolled together and rushed toward the dragon tyrant.". From this power, the dragon tyrant actually felt several kinds of power. In fact, the reason is very simple, the so-called decomposition is to decompose all kinds of things into the most primitive state, that is, molecular. This is also the reason why Ye Yang formed the power of decomposition. His various powers merge to form the power of decomposition. Because this force contains a variety of forces, so when encountering other forces, it will produce effects such as water can extinguish fire, thunder can break through water and so on, which is the basic principle of decomposition. Black Mang roared toward the dragon tyrant, the dragon tyrant can not be the same as Ye Yang to avoid to resist. He gave a loud shout, and the air surged from his fists, forming a spinning impact ball on his hands. Give me a break. With a loud roar from the dragon tyrant, he punched out. The impact ball collided with the black awn, and the attack power of the black awn was beyond the imagination of the dragon tyrant. His impact was declared to collapse in just three seconds, and then his body collided with the black awn. You should know that what Ye Yang exerts is the power of decomposition, and if he is involved in it, he will be in trouble. At this time, there was a slight noise from the black awn, and then I saw a ray of light coming out of the black awn. At this time, Longba's body has changed again, no longer looks so thick, but a kind of white light, looks extremely dazzling. "The change of light," Sun Yiwei said softly. Long Ming's face also changed slightly and he exclaimed. The rosefinch asked aside, "What is the change of light?" Long Ming explained: "The previous change of King Kong allowed him to have a strong body and strength, while the change of light allowed him to have abnormal speed.". When King Kong changes, his additional skill is shock wave, and the additional skill of this change of light is laser cannon. The rosefinch suddenly thought of a question and asked, "Can he have an additional skill after every change?" Long Ming nodded and said, "And every additional skill is a headache.". As soon as you get used to the last attack, he switches to another one. The expression on the rosefinch's face became very strange, and the power of the dragon tyrant was really difficult. It would be reasonable to say that there are only seven kinds of transformations, but the powers attached to each transformation can be taken out separately to become the powers of reading power, which is really a bit abnormal. After seeing the expression on the rosefinch's face, Long Ming laughed and said,interactive whiteboard for schools, "You don't need that kind of expression. If you're not abnormal, how can he be the first person?". The rosefinch's face changed slightly, and finally turned into a long sigh.