He got a lot of benefits in northern Xinjiang, but because of the tension of the war, he did not have a free time to test his strength. Even when fighting with people, they mostly rely on resourcefulness to win, and there are very few hard-hitting times, so they only fight with Song Lang of the underground Demons, which is a serious battle. Pei Donglai is still wandering in Lingzhao Realm, but he is very clear, not to mention the same as Lingzhao Realm, even in the later stage of the virtual body realm, he is about to touch the threshold of the magical realm, Wu Xiu, he also has more than half of the certainty that he can defeat it. Now Pei Donglai decided to enter the purple emperor divine realm, although I don't know how many masters to participate in, but there are two masters in front of me, the purple emperor divine realm can not show a lot of interest. Pei Dong came to practice what he had learned in order to understand himself clearly. In the future, if you really enter the realm of the Purple Emperor, you can also have a measure between your opponent and yourself. Qingxuan did not know when to appear in the martial arts field, standing on the edge of the martial arts field, watching Pei Dong to practice skills. Pei Donglai also did not shy away from him,65 inch smart board, his body can be taken away, take into account Qingxuan himself look down on. And his own body can be looked up to by Qingxuan, such as a "Song of Righteousness", but not Qingxuan can take away. When Pei Donglai finished the drill, Qing Xuan came forward and said with a smile, "Pei Xiaohou has entered the realm of spiritual illumination, but it's a little stronger than the realm of general virtual body. It's really amazing.". I just don't know if Pei Xiaohou has understood the rules of heaven and earth? "The rules of heaven and earth?" Pei Donglai adjusted the atmosphere and shook his head,interactive touch screens education, saying, "Donglai is stupid. Although he has entered the realm of spiritual illumination, he has not understood the rules of heaven and earth, nor does he know where to start." "If Pei Xiaohou is interested, I can explain one or two things to Pei Xiaohou." Qingxuan said. Oh Pei Donglai had a surprise in his heart. Looking at Qingxuan, he didn't look like he was joking. Pei Donglai handed his hand and said, "Then there will be Master Lao Zhang." "The law of heaven and earth is mysterious and mysterious, and it is extremely difficult to grasp this light.". But when it comes to words, it's only eight words. Qingxuan paused and went on to say, "Refining oneself to measure heaven and earth." "And this sentence said thoroughly, is to refine oneself, looking for oneself, the closest to heaven and earth a little light.". In this light, it is not only one's own perception, smart board touch screen ,classroom interactive whiteboard, but also the closest thing to the law of heaven and earth. If you want to understand this light, you still need some chance to be enlightened. When the opportunity comes, nature will be able to break the light and understand the law. "People all say that it is possible to comprehend the rules of heaven and earth in the realm of spiritual illumination, but in fact it is not.". The realm of spiritual illumination is only a small threshold before understanding the rules of heaven and earth. Wu Xiu of Lingzhao Realm has a weak connection with heaven and earth, and the spiritual light in his body is gradually generated, because he cultivates Gang Qi and breathes out the vitality of heaven and earth. But this can only be regarded as the first step to understand the rules of heaven and earth. If you want to touch the rules of heaven and earth, you must first temper yourself inside and outside, so that the light that fits heaven and earth in your body is gradually strong. After that, this light will be integrated into the primordial fetus, which can be regarded as reaching the realm of the virtual body. It is the realm of the virtual body that is most likely to comprehend the rules of heaven and earth. It is really rare to understand the rules of heaven and earth in the realm of spiritual illumination. Qingxuan talked and stopped, leaving Pei Dong time to think. When he finished, Pei Donglai was still immersed in his thoughts. Moments later, Pei Donglai came to his senses and said doubtfully, "How can this light be tempered?" "The little Marquis can ask the minister in white about this.". He and the little Marquis go out together, should be able to help the little Marquis. Although there is also a way to refine the light in the poor door, but the little Marquis is not a poor door, rashly passed to the little Marquis, I am afraid that the division commander of the small Marquis will come to accountability. Qingxuan said, looking at Pei Donglai's expression. Another one who mistook himself for a disciple of the Imperial Palace. Pei Donglai said silently in his heart. But his face was calm. "In that case," he said indifferently, "I'll ask him for advice after I return to Beijing." Said to preach, I'm afraid Qingxuan most want to say, or the last sentence. He wanted to test Pei Donglai to see if Pei Donglai was a member of the Imperial Palace. Pei Donglai is very clear about these worldly wisdom. ———— "The rules of heaven and earth are not difficult to say and simple to say.". To put it bluntly, it is a sentence. When Zheng Fengtu said this, he scratched his head and said awkwardly, "But speaking of this.." It's a little hard to be human. Looking at Lv Tao's confused face, Zheng Feng could not hang on his face. As soon as he turned over his hand, he took out a dried fruit and shook it in front of Lu Tao's eyes. He coughed twice and said, "The shell of this dried fruit is the spirit you condense every day." As soon as Zheng Fengtu's fingers were picked up, the hard shells of the dried fruits broke open one after another, and the nuts inside were not damaged at all. Holding the shell in one hand and the nut in the other, he waved his hands. Zheng Fengtu went on to say, "You usually run the True Qi and refine the Gang Qi, just like this shell.". It's hard, but it's not the essence. And the rules of heaven and earth are nuts. You can't touch the nut until you peel off the shell. At first glance, the kernel is not as good as the shell, but it contains far less essence than the shell. This is the rule of heaven and earth. If you want to get the rules of heaven and earth, you have to refine the true Qi in your body and clean up all the odds and ends, so that you can see the face of the rules of heaven and earth. "Do you understand?" Zheng Fengtu asked with a guilty conscience. Cough. Lv Tao was stupefied and stopped talking about this topic. He changed the subject and said, "What are the rules of heaven and earth that Lord Zheng Ling has learned? Can Lv Tao open his eyes?" "Easy to say, easy to say." Zheng Fengtu touched the tip of his nose and said, "The rule I have learned is called the world in the palm of my hand.". This rule is not clear to you, but it is more effective to rehearse it for you. When he had finished, Zheng Fengtu glanced around and pointed to a distant place and said,electronic board for classroom, "Can Master Lu Xiaohou see that elk?" "I can see it." A few miles away, an elk was running and jumping. Although far away, but Lu Tao can also see a vague. Zheng Fengtu stretched out his finger and drew a circle in the direction of the elk. hsdsmartboard.com