After seeing Lin Yu being detained, Hu Rongqiang directly scolded Lin Huiyin: "Who told you to handcuff people in disorder?"! Don't open it for me. "But he is the prime suspect in the case." Lin Huiyin explained that he did not go to unlock the lock. Hurry up and call me. I, Hu Rongqiang, am responsible for everything! Hu Rongqiang's face changed directly when he saw that his men did not obey his orders. His face was black. Lin Huiyin was not good at observing people's words and expressions. Han Kezhen answered directly with a smile: "I'll open it. I'll open it.". This guy wasn't involved in anything at the time of the crime. At best, it's a witness, not a suspect. It's time to put it. Seeing Han Kezhen's pandering appearance, Lin Huiyin didn't say much and said softly, "You can release him, but you must be on call." "I promise to cooperate." Lin Tiancheng pulled Hu Rongqiang, who wanted to get angry, and promised with a smile. Lin Yu did not look at Lin Huiyin from beginning to end, which also provoked a burst of dissatisfaction in the heart of the policewoman. Lin Yu looked directly at Hu Rongqiang and asked eagerly, "Uncle Hu, where was my brother Dai Peng taken?"? Will there be any trouble? Chapter 030 hope you are well. Hearing Lin Yu ask himself with eagerness, Hu Rongqiang pondered a little and then opened his mouth: "Don't worry, in my experience.". You and your friends will be fine. Maybe I can earn a prize for bravery. Ha ha ha "It doesn't matter whether the prize is awarded or not, as long as everyone is safe and sound.". I didn't expect that we would encounter this unexpected disaster. Lin Yu sighed faintly. People are iron, rice is steel, and time is calculated to see that Lin Yu has not eaten for a day. Director Hu, will you take him to eat something? Han Kezhen suddenly interjected. Right! Look at my head! Hearing this, Hu Rongqiang gave himself an exaggerated slap on the head and then opened his mouth: "Go,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Uncle Hu, you go to the brilliant hotel today." "It's too expensive not to go to such an expensive place." Lin Yu smiled and then said, "Can you call Dai Peng together?" "This is not easy to handle!"! He's a key suspect, and according to regulations, he can't leave the police station. Han Kezhen explained. What a bullshit rule. I'll bring the man back later. Besides, we are also trying to understand the case! Kezhen, hurry up and bring me the child! Hu Rongqiang gave a loud command. Only then did he look at Lin Huiyin, who was following him, and say, "Are you the new little policeman in our police station?"? Let's go to dinner together. "No, Director Hu, fake ficus tree ,silk olive tree, I ate in the afternoon.". I have to go in advance. Lin Huiyin replied and took two quick steps to disappear at the end of the corridor. Damn, this little girl is crazy. I'm not going to dinner. Hu Rongqiang swore and said a few words. There were no outsiders. Lin Tiancheng asked again, "Son, what's going on today?" He heard his father ask Lin Yu to tell the whole incident in detail, and the details were not lost. Before long, Han Kezhen took Dai Peng, who was somewhat puzzled, to the hall on the first floor to meet the crowd. After seeing Lin Yu, Dai Peng, as if seeing the backbone, immediately came to the spirit and shouted from a distance: "Third Brother!" Lin Yu ran two steps quickly and gave Dai Peng a big hug. Seeing the two brothers hugging each other, Hu Rongqiang and Lin Tiancheng looked at each other as if they had seen themselves in those days. As experienced people, they all know that youth is a rainbow woven with eternal hope and eternal yearning, which should be brilliant and have infinite momentum. As a young man, there is nothing wrong as long as he does not cause great trouble. On the contrary, we will gain a lot of things that we can't learn from books. I exchanged greetings with Dai Peng for a while and saw that he was in a good state of mind. Lin Yu took out his cell phone and pressed the power button. He wanted to tell his mother and Qi Yue that he was safe. As soon as he turned on the phone, he was shocked by dozens of missed text messages. Looking at Lin Yu carefully, he found that more than half of these messages were from Qi Yue. Husband, how are you? "Are you all right, husband?" "Husband, I'm so worried about you." "Whoo, husband, are you all right." "The word'husband 'is really worthless." Lin Yu sighed with a wry smile. Let's give you a leprechaun first. "Lin Yu dialed Qi Yue's number directly, and he knew that the other party must be burning with anxiety now." Purr Are you all right? After the phone was connected, Qi Yue's sobs and whispered questions came from the opposite side. What can I do! It's not that you don't know that Zhang Chao had an accident. Where are you now? Lin Yu's careless reply to Qi Yue's whispered sob just now made his heart move slightly. I am not allowed to make noise in Zhang Chao's ward in the hospital now! He's still in a coma. But the doctor said he was out of danger and would wake up in the middle of the night. Qi Yue whispered back. Then she added, "Auntie is here. Would you like to talk to her?" "Well, you pass the phone to my mother." Lin Yu said, and now he understood why Qi Yue would say in that tone? There must be a lot of people around in the ward. Although she is the kind of person who is a little aggressive, she is still a little reserved inside. Then Lin Yu told his mother that he was safe and asked her to take care of Zhang Chao's parents, and then he chatted with Qi Yue again. In the end, Lin Yu ordered Qi Yue to call all the people in the hospital who could get away to come out for dinner. After all, everyone must be hungry and tired after such a big day. He also took this opportunity to familiarize his parents with Dai Peng and Zhang Chao's parents. After all, there is a saying: If you think your life is not good, the best way to change your fate is to find a good person to make friends with. Maybe you will inadvertently meet a friend who is useful to you. Hang up Qi Yue's telegram A Zhong Zhi female quail tapeworm twist? "Lin Yu, are you all right?" This is his head teacher,fake blossom tree, Mr. He Jing. Is the third brother here? This is his brother, Wang Yan, who ranks first. Lin Yu was very moved after reading a total of more than ten such messages. Usually he doesn't know that there are so many people who care about him.