"It seems that we need to check the information to see if we can find useful clues from various ancient books." Lin Xuan lies on the bed, soliloquize way, in fact, in addition, there is a choice, is like the senior in the door to consult, those elders are well-informed, there are always people who will know. Of course, this idea is just a joke, Lin Xuan has long denied it, joking, ordinary people are innocent, Lin Xuan understands the truth of the crime, let those elders discover the benefits of the blue point of light, but also do not kill people to silence, hold a strong robbery? Lin Xuan will not be silly to get killed. Besides, when the time comes, Zhang Yu and Zhou Yan's affairs may also be exposed. Blue point of light, is his own secret, for this point, Lin Xuan has long had a clear understanding, he would rather spend more energy, to slowly understand, will never leak out the matter. With this decision, Lin Xuan went to bed and went to consult the ancient books tomorrow. The next morning, Lin Xuan came to the front of a hall. This hall is built on the hill. It is magnificent. It is the place where Piaoyun Valley collects books. Such an important place is not only in the central area of the school,faux grass wall, but also has many prohibitions. Three steps a sentry, five steps a sentry, and there are all kinds of mountain guard animals in the patrol. The mountain guard spirit beast is actually a kind of monster beast, but unlike the wild ones, these spirit beasts are either tamed by the masters of the sect or simply raised by Piaoyun Valley. To put it simply, it is the livestock domesticated by the practitioners. But do not underestimate the power of the spirit beast, they can also control the spirit of heaven and earth, with ordinary people can not imagine the magical power. Moreover, the spirit beast is extremely loyal. Once it recognizes the Lord, it will never betray him,silk cherry blossom tree, and it is not afraid of death when facing the enemy. Therefore, every school of cultivation will domesticate the spirit beast as a gatekeeper to protect the mountain. Ouch! A loud roar, the mountains echoed, Lin Xuan just came to a place about two hundred meters away from the hall, heard a roar of demonstration, only to see the red light flashing, a big colorful tiger appeared in front of him, but unlike ordinary beasts, the big guy in front of him was red all over, there was even a faint flame on his body surface, and the grass around him began to burn before he touched it. Also has that imposing manner, is absolutely the lion tiger does not have the means to compare, one kind makes the human to fear, the absolute overbearing breath sweeps across, makes the human to feel cold all over. Fiery tiger, the first level of inferior monster! Corresponding to the eight stages of the cultivator from agility to plunder, the monster is also one to eight levels, and each level is divided into four levels: the lower grade, fake ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, the middle grade, the upper grade and the best grade. The smart period corresponds to the first-level monster, the foundation period corresponds to the second-level monster, and so on. Although the strength is almost the same, but really fight, or the same level of cultivation is more powerful, after all, although the monster can also control the spirit, but there is no wisdom, of course, can not win the smart human. Fiery tiger body length more than three meters, the whole body exudes amazing momentum, but Lin Xuan does not care, a beast without wisdom, not to mention that although he is not taken seriously in the school, but after all, is a disciple of Piaoyun Valley. The divinity characteristics of each disciple of this school will be transmitted to the mind of the spirit beast protecting the mountain through the wonderful Taoism, leaving a deep imprint, so that the spirit beast can distinguish between its own people and outsiders. Fiery tiger came to the front of Lin Xuan, low roar, Lin Xuan look calm, the spirit beast took a few eyes at him, gradually, hostility diminished down, shaking his head and wagging his tail, apparently from the characteristics of divine consciousness has confirmed the identity of the teenager, let aside, but also rubbed his trouser leg with his head. Passing through the entrance guarded by the fierce tiger, Lin Xuan came to the main hall and looked up at the building in front of him. The whole library was divided into three layers. The first layer had the most books, at least hundreds of thousands of books, which were open to all disciples. However, for practitioners, the books on the first floor are of little value. There is not a single book of exercises, or secret books of making utensils and alchemy. Those are all collected on the second floor, and can only be borrowed by masters above the foundation period. The second layer of protection is far more strict than the first layer, not only has layers of forbidden secret law, but also the patrol is the elders of this door. As for the third floor, it is even more precious. It is dedicated to the cultivation experience of the patriarchs of the past Dynasties, as well as the most powerful skills of Piaoyun Valley. It is said that only when you hold the master's command, can you be allowed to enter. Those who guard the third floor are also several old monsters who are not born! Second, the books on the third floor are strictly forbidden to be borrowed. On the first floor, each disciple can borrow three books at a time. After meditating on the rules of the library, Lin Xuan began to look for them. The entire first floor covers an area of thousands of square meters, rows of bookshelves, neatly arranged, Lin Xuan began to consult from the left hand side. Tianshan Jiuyang Jue, Xuanyin Zhenjing, Sun and Moon God Palm, Demon Zun Overlord Fist.. The secret books of martial arts are the unique learning of the supreme martial arts masters in the secular world. However, they are not attractive to the practitioners. No matter how high the martial arts are, they are no match for the magic weapons. These things are worthless here. Lin Xuan shook his head and came to another corner. Records of Herbs, Thirteen Articles of Miraculous Doctors, Golden Needle Cutting Pulse.. One by one, the titles of the books come into view. These are medical books that have been lost for a hundred years, but they are of no value to practitioners. Any one of the lowest elixirs can cure all kinds of diseases of ordinary people. Looking at the title of the book in front of him, Lin Xuan showed a hint of sarcasm at the corners of his mouth. No wonder it was free and open. The first layer was tasteless for the practitioners. It was a pity to throw it away. It was also said that it was the welfare of the smart disciples. Now it seems that they didn't take these low-level disciples seriously at all. They didn't pay attention to it and dealt with it. Xiuzhen is indeed the law of the jungle. If you want to gain power and respect, you need strength. With this in mind, Lin Xuan has strengthened his determination to practice. Han Yu: Thank you for your support. I will try my best to update it. This book has been signed. It is absolutely complete. Please rest assured to collect it. Originally,large ficus tree, I wanted to add the essence to the readers who sent the book reviews, but I found that I couldn't manage the book review area. I was dizzy. I could manage the Temptation Academy. Why can't this book work? 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