Pipoyu was very discontented. Pointing to the three-legged black, he said indignantly, "Don't look down upon it. It was he who advised people to rebel in Mori. He also repeatedly accused me of kneeling down to the Demon Emperor because I was afraid of death. I lost face. If it weren't for your friendship with me, I would have roasted it with a fire." As soon as the sun God Xi He heard this, he was overjoyed and said with a smile, "God of War, you are so good at making up stories. Xiaohei has always been docile, lovely and considerate. How can he have the ability to confuse people and stir up trouble?" Hey, he still didn't believe it. As soon as the three-legged bird heard that the sun God Xi He had untied him again and again, he knew that it was all right. He immediately returned to his normal state and became much more perky. He kept shouting at Pipo Jade, clearly laughing at it, meaning that there was no proof of death now anyway. Let's see what Pipo Jade can do to it. As the saying goes, a traitor must be caught, and a thief must take the stolen goods. The three-legged black knew that Pipo Jade had no evidence at hand, so he laughed and satirized unscrupulously. Pipoyu was so excited by the three-legged black that he was no longer polite. In a fit of pique, he explained clearly what had happened to Mori Zhitian. The sun God Xi and all listened attentively. When Pipoyu finished speaking, he hesitated and asked, "So you promised to help the soldiers of the divine army return to the Great Brahma." "Yes." "Is there anything wrong?" Asked Pipoyu. "Hey, God of War, why did you say yes without consulting anyone?" Sun God Xi He said with regret. At that time, the situation was so urgent,outdoor ficus tree, how could it be too late? Pipoyu said discontentedly, "What's the matter? There is always a right and wrong. Isn't the Emperor of Heaven reasonable?" "Be that as it may, but how much do you know about it? I'm afraid it's too difficult to do it." Pipoyu was still full of hope, but listening to the meaning of the sun God's words, was there anything hidden in it? He immediately splashed a basin of cold water on his head like 39 days, and his mood suddenly dropped to freezing point. He asked, "What's the matter? Are they lying to Lian Zhen?" Sun God Xi He shook his head. "That's the fault of the Emperor of Heaven." After getting a positive answer, a stone in my heart was put down. Who would have thought that as soon as Pipoyu said this,faux ficus tree, the dejected three-legged Uden raised his head, as if he had heard a very funny story, and kept laughing, "Shut up." Sun God Xi He shouted, "You dare to interrupt us when we're talking. It seems that you've been used to it for thousands of years and don't know what's good for you." Sun God Xi and suddenly launched a fire, no one thought, three-legged black hurriedly lowered his head, a strong confession: "Master, Xiaohei know wrong, forgive me, forgive me." "Forgive." The sun God Xi said angrily, "Let's not mention the matter of the corona beads for the time being. You even advised people to rebel. If you don't have a long memory, who knows what trouble you will make? Go to the Japanese nuclear prison to think about it." "Japanese nuclear supervision." The three-legged bird looked sideways at the sun God Xihe and said in surprise, "Master, you're not kidding." "Cut the crap and go or not." The sun God Xi and his temper are really good enough, outdoor ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, but at this point they are still wordy with three feet. Quack The three-legged bird flew down from the sun God Xi and his shoulder and said angrily, "You are too cruel. Are you still my master? You are so cruel. The Japanese nuclear prison is the most horrible place in the three realms. What mistakes did I make? I just took the corona beads and played for a few days. I just said a few words that I shouldn't have said. You punished me like this. I will never recognize you as my master again. Yes." Never recognize, from now on, I am just a little crow that no one loves and no one loves. Whether I live or die has nothing to do with you, the sun God. I'm gone. Don't stop me. I'm really gone. As he spoke, he actually twitched and flew into the distance, and it was reasonable. Pipoyu Zilai had never seen a pet treat its master like this. He was surprised and speechless for a moment. The sun God Xihe shook his head with a wry smile and said, "For thousands of years, I have loved you and protected you. So that's how you repay me. Well, well, well. If I let you go again today, what kind of sun God am I?" As soon as he said this, he stretched out his hand and pointed to it. A golden light shot out, and a chain came out of the air. He tied the three-legged black firmly and threw it to the ground. Master, let me go! Master, let me go. "The three-legged bird was so frightened that he fell down with a cry." It's too late. Take the punishment. Sun God Xi and the expression is extremely serious, this three-legged black does not have a wink, the tiger does not show its power, but also when he is a sick cat. With the castration of the three-legged black, the ground suddenly opened, and a group of dazzling white light suddenly came out, enveloping the whole three-legged black. Zhaoping was caught off guard for a moment, and his eyes were stung so painful that he dared not look more. He hurriedly pulled up the dragon robe and drilled inside, which was more comfortable. The three-legged black cried out miserably, and the white light closed as soon as it was released. When I looked again, it had disappeared, and the ground was as flat as before. I don't know what's strange in the Japanese nuclear prison, but when I see the three-legged black afraid, I know it won't be too comfortable inside. Zhaoping, come out. It's all right. Pipo Yu patted the dragon's robe, and Zhaoping came out in a mess. You see, always so careless, if not for Zhaoping's quick reaction, he was almost injured again. Do you still have coronal beads to compensate him? Pipoyu complained. The sun God Xi He was really moving like a thunderbolt and quiet like a virgin. After punishing the three-legged black, he immediately returned to normal. Chong Zhaoping smiled apologetically and said, "Dealing with some housework, I accidentally surprised Zhaoping, the commander of the fire army under the God of war. I have to accompany him with a gift. How about this? I still hide a few jars of jade nectar. Today I might as well get drunk in this glass tree and Yuhua Mountain." He wanted to drink again. The sun God was really generous. Zhao Ping was overjoyed when he heard this. He was about to say yes when he heard Pipo Yu say, "We appreciate the good intentions of the sun God, but we still have something important to do. We dare not accompany him. We will have a chance to experience the capacity for liquor of the sun God again in the future." Xi He, the sun God, seemed to be very sorry when his mind was clear and dim. Later, he clapped his hands. In the river formed by the essence of the true fire, a wave surged up. A Taoist came with two jars of wine in his arms. He shouted, "Master, the wine is coming." Shun sound look, hey, is not the patron saint of the green rose world,silk ficus tree, this guy is lucky, has worshipped the sun God as a teacher, this is how much fate. hacartificialtree.com