Laser pipe cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating numerical control technology, laser cutting technology and machinery. It is suitable for graphic cutting, drilling and marking of pipes such as round pipes, square pipes and special-shaped pipes. Laser tube cutting machine is a professional, high-speed, high-precision and cost-effective non-contact metal tube processing industry must-select equipment.

Laser cutting manufacturers believe that the differences between laser cutting machines and traditional laser cutting machines are as follows:

First of all, in the automatic production line of pipe cutting, the focused laser beam must be synchronized with the pipe cutting; secondly, it is required that the focused laser focus can rotate for one cycle relative to the pipe being cut, and the axis of the laser beam always intersects the axis of the pipe. During the cutting process, the laser beam of the tube cutting line moves with the tube being cut. These synchronous movements must be controlled by a special control system, so the research on the automatic production line of laser pipe cutting is also of great significance.

Since the tube laser cutting machine adopts a non-contact processing method, the tube wall will not be under pressure during the entire processing process, and the tube surface will not be deformed or collapsed.

Compared with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, etc., the precision of laser cutting metal sheets is much higher. At the same time, as mentioned above, different materials may undergo small expansion deformation during processing. The laser tube cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these deformations, which is impossible for many traditional processes.