Although the PSAT and SAT have many similarities, their score ranges are somewhat different. The highest score on the SAT is 1600, whereas the maximum score on the PSAT is 1520. Nevertheless, why? What are the score distributions for each section of the PSAT? Also, given the PSAT scoring scale, is it feasible to predict your SAT score? Free SAT preparation online Best sat prep courses

This article will examine the range and distribution of current Best sat prep coursesPSAT scores. Then, we will compare PSAT score ranges to SAT score ranges before offering a list of expected PSAT score cutoffs for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

What is the scoring range for the PSAT? In Every Chapter?

With 10-point increments, the whole PSAT scale spans from 320 to 1520 points. The PSAT, like the SAT, consists of three core sections: Mathematics, Reading, and WritinBest sat prep coursesg and Language (hereafter Writing). Free online SAT preparation

Each section is first scored on a scale ranging from 8 to 38 with one-point increments; these are your PSAT test results. Then, these test results are converted into section scores ranging from 160 to 760 with 10-point increments (which combine to give you a total PSAT score out of 1520).  best book to prepare for sat

Calculate your Math section score by multiplying your Math test score by 20. Multiply the sum of your Reading and Writing test scores by 10 to obtain your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score.

In addition, there are subscores and cross-test scores that demonstrate your mastery of certain abilities and knowledge for each component. Subscores Best sat prep coursesare assessed on a scale from 1 to 15 and are comprised of the seven categories listed below.


Possession of Proof

Syntax inside the Context

Expression of Ideas

Typical English TraditionsBest sat prep courses

MathBest sat prep courses

Elementary Algebra

Mathematics and Statistics

Documentation for Higher Mathematics

Cross-test scores differ in that they apply to all PSAT sections Best sat prep coursesand use 8-to-38 point scales. Following are the findings of the two cross-tests:

Analysis of History/Social StudiesBest sat prep courses

Assessment in Science

The resulting Selection Index will have a score range of 48 to 228. To get this number, multiply the sum of your three PSAT test results by two. Only your eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program is determined by your Selection Index score (we will elaborate on this later). SAT preparation courses

The table below depicts the current PSAT score range, as well as the score ranges for each PSAT section, subscore, and cross-test score: Best sat prep courses

SAT Range against PSAT Range: Is There a Correlation? Best sat prep courses

After examining the principles of PSATBest sat prep courses score distribution, let's compare the PSAT score range to the SAT score range. Although the PSAT and SAT have many notable similarities, their respective score ranges are more comparable to those of siblings than twins.

The following table compares the current scoring ranges for the SAT and PSAT:


This gap in maximum scores is Best sat prep coursesattributable to differences in test difficulty. The PSAT, which serves as a prelude to the SAT, has fewer questions and is less challenging overall than the SAT. Consequently, the range of PSAT scores is lower than the range of SAT scores. Online SAT preparation
Nevertheless, wouldn't a PSAT score of 1520 correspond to a SAT score of 1600? Nope! Even though both scores represent the maximum attainable on their respective examinations, a PSAT score of 1520 is not comparable to a SAT score of 1600; rather, it is Best sat prep coursesequivalent to a SAT score of 1520.

This pattern applies to all possible PSAT scores, not just the highest ones. A score of 1050 on the PSAT is comparable to a score of 1050 onBest sat prep courses the SAT, as are scores of 1300, 1280, and so on. In other words, scaled PSAT and SAT scores represent the same level of ability consistently.

This is because the PSAT is designed to be a direct predictor of SAT performance. If I scored 1170 on the PSAT, I should score about 1170 on the SATBest sat prep courses immediately and without more study.

In essence, the PSAT works as aBest sat prep courses crystal ball, revealing your current (and probable future) SAT ability. SAT Preparation Online

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