The Aged parent visa 804 allows parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to live in Australia permanently. In some cases, if the parent has medical issues or other conditions, the visa may be granted without the need for sponsorship from the child. To learn more about how the visa works and whether it's right for you, keep reading this comprehensive guide to all things Aged Parent (Subclass 804) visa.

What is an Aged Parent Visa 804?

Aged parent visa 804 is a permanent resident visa that allows parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia aged 65 years or older to remain permanently in Australia. It does not require the applicant to be sponsored by their child or grandchild. The applicant can include their spouse on the application if they want. To qualify for this visa, you must provide proof of your relationship with your child, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren through birth certificates, marriage certificates, or adoption certificates.

Eligibility requirements for Aged Parent Visa 804 Australia

  1. You must be the child of a parent who is living in Australia.
  2. The parent must have been born overseas, but you can't apply if they became an Australian citizen before you turned 18 years old.
  3. One parent must be living in Australia.
  4. You can only apply if you've lived in Australia on a valid visa continuously for at least 10 years immediately before applying.
  5. Both children and grandchildren can qualify as your children under this visa type.
  6. Your parents must meet strict health requirements when they arrive in Australia, so make sure you visit them regularly.
  7. They'll need medical evidence from their doctor or specialist showing that they're fit and healthy enough to travel and live here safely.
  8. They also need proof of financial independence by providing documentation showing how much money they earn yearly or proof of funds in their bank account.

Documents Required for Aged Parent visa 804

Before starting the Aged parent visa 804 application process, ensure you have all the documents and information you need. This includes:

  • Proof of your Australian residency status.
  • Your parent's passport and birth certificate.
  • Two passport-size photographs of yourself.
  • Documents showing your relationship with your parents, like marriage certificates or old photos from when you were a child. If you are married and your spouse is not an Australian citizen, they will also be required to submit their birth certificate or citizenship papers. These must show they meet one of these requirements.
  • They are an Australian permanent resident or citizen.
  • They hold a special category visa, as also required in Parent Visa Subclass 103, or they hold refugee status in Australia.
  • The applicant should also include evidence that they can financially support their aged parent if needed. The applicant may use bank statements or other financial records to provide evidence.

Processing time of visa application

If you're applying from outside of Australia, the application process can take up to 12 months. If you're applying from within Australia, the application process can take up to 5-6 months. The cost of an Aged Parent Visa 804 is AUD 1,800. To apply for this visa, one parent must be sponsored by their child, who's an Australian citizen and has been living in Australia for at least two years before the parent applies.