Here's your guide if you're shipping from China to the US.

It contains all the information you need to consider when shipping from China to the US, helping you choose the best carrier, the best China supplier, and more.

Our articles focus on international logistics between China and the US: means of transport (sea or air), regulations (customs clearance, prohibited products, required licenses…). Our experience in the Chinese market enables us to provide the most reliable technical solutions for your logistics needs.

Whether you are an experienced exporter/importer or new to the field, planning a one-time entry/exit to the US or running a regular business, our team will strive to provide you with the best possible service!

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Options For Shipping From China To USA?

1: Shipping from China to America

Sea freight is the cheapest way to ship from China to the US. It usually provides a lot of flexibility in shipping different types of products.

This is especially true for buyers who ship large quantities of goods. Despite being slower, ocean shipping is still the most popular shipping method for U.S. importers.

Our experienced freight experts will help you determine the best option for your shipping needs based on the size and weight of your load and your delivery service:

Best for loads up to 20m3 and over 500kg (approx.). Your cargo will be packed in one container with other cargo, so you don't need to wait for a full container. However, LCL typically takes 5-7 days to arrive at the port of delivery and tends to clear more frequently due to split/merge requirements.

If you plan to export a shipment weighing less than 35kg, you may not find a carrier that can handle it. It is impossible to ship such a small amount with freight logs. Instead, contact an international courier company that will ship your shipment by air at affordable rates.

Ocean Shipping is the best deal for you if:

Your suppliers are located near major ports in China

Your shipment is greater than 2 CBM

you are in no hurry to get them

Ocean Freight from China to USA: Full Container (FCL)

Your shipment will be sent in standard 20 or 40 foot containers.


Shipping costs are also affected by the door-to-door, port-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port delivery service you choose.

Many other factors will affect your final cost and delivery time, including duties and taxes, insurance, etc., but the biggest factor is the origin and destination of the shipment, which will determine the port of loading and unloading.

Still, there are some general guidelines to help you compare the costs of different shipping methods.

For example, if you can fill a container, FCL service will save you the most on shipping because the unit cost is lower than LCL. This is because LCL shipping is calculated using the volumetric weight formula. In contrast, FCL is a flat rate per container.


Port of Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, California, West coast USA
Annual Container Volume: > 9million TEU

Port of Long Beach
Location: Long Beach, California, West coast USA
Annual Container Volume: > 8.0million TEU

Port of Savannah
Location: Savannah, Georgia , East coast, USA
Annual Container Volume: > 4.0million TEU

Port of Seattle
Location: Seattle, Washington State, North West coast, USA
Annual Container Volume: > 3.5million TEU

Port of Miami
Location: Miami, Florida, South East coast, USA
Annual Container Volume: > 1million TEU

How long does it take to ship from China to the USA ?

Sea shipping is by far the slowest option you have: you should allow about 30-40 days to ship from each country. These transit times are not only due to preparation work, but also because shipping lines are now slowing down to save fuel. Also keep in mind that many unexpected events can happen: bad weather, port congestion, etc.

These are obviously not fixed and depend on variables such as weather conditions, port congestion and cargo size. If you plan to use other methods that require transportation to and from seaports, you need to take into account the transit time and the time it takes for the goods to clear and clear customs. Proper documentation from a knowledgeable carrier can reduce the time it takes to manage the process.


Importing goods from China to the US can be very profitable for your business.

You need to do good research and use a reputable carrier. Provide shipping services from China to the United States. Relying on just one or two suppliers can be difficult. This is because these suppliers sometimes manage to provide the highest quality products and sometimes they don't.

Companies and individuals who are familiar with the ins and outs of Sino-US import and export business. With that in mind, I hope this guide helps you get started and take action to ship from China.

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