Backup to protect against insider threats

We generally want to retain the best people, especially our employees, but not everyone is worthy of that trust all the time. Even if you eliminate the possibility of human error, there is always the possibility that a disgruntled or dishonest employee will deliberately compromise critical data.
If someone secretly deletes sensitive data and silently waits for the Recycle Bin to expire, they can get into serious trouble as there is no way to recover important data that has been permanently deleted.  Microsoft office 365 Backup has no way of knowing if the deletion was accidental, intentional, or malicious, so it has no recourse when the Recycle Bin is emptied. The only way to protect your data in the face of malicious insider activity is to use a third-party backup solution.

Backups help your MSP save money

The more expensive enterprise editions of Microsoft 365 are often not worth it for many MSPs. The truth is that many of the much more expensive applications are unnecessary and irrelevant to smaller MSPs and their customers. Combine the Business Standard version with a third-party backup solution and you have a powerful alternative that meets all your needs while saving you money.

Good backups also help MSPs save time and effort

The less time you spend on tasks that can be automated or simplified, the more time you have for your customers. With server and workstation backup and integrated third-party backup solutions for Microsoft 365, you'll find the perfect balance of automation and control. With a unified console, you can manage all your customer data and backups across device types from one place. By spending less time and effort managing backups, you can spend more time supporting your customers.

Microsoft focuses on physical security of data centers, availability of active data, and authentication and identification within cloud services.
Hosting providers like Apps4Rent would help you to securly upload your data on the cloud with no data loss.