It is possible to predict the future though the accuracy of the prediction may depend on several factors. Traders for example make use of the Gann Technique in order to get a better view of where the prices may be heading. As one of the most revered traders of his time, Gann had made use of the concepts of time, price and range which are put together as determinants of market movements. Clearly enough, he was able to foresee how the market will behave at a given time period based on the other elements in his technique.
Gann offered the world some of the most important trading concepts that would benefit those who are able to understand and make use of it. He had formulated the time by degrees concept where traders can count the time element by degrees instead of days. This has made the seasonal time duration in uniformity. Traders are able to make use of the exact time intervals when predicting possible cycles or patterns in the market. Gann also made use of the swing charts especially for short term trends. People today can trade within 2 or 3 days time period only.
Through the methods of Gann, traders are also able to make use of squaring the price into time or the time into price. They are able to determine the tops and bottoms as they occur within similar numerical units. Traders can also square the price into time by making use of the Gann angles as well as the Gann zero angles. They can make the special angles in their trading charts so that they may be able to identify where the tops or the bottoms are. Aside from these, they can also include the price retracement levels from a previous range.
Traders are able to make geometrical relationships between a price range in the past and the new price range. The ratio retracements of the previous price ranges can be used in identifying the changes in the market trends. Gann's concept of geometric proportions are based not only on the circle but also based on the triangle and the square as well. He had made use of them effectively in trading stocks and commodities during his time. Traders today still make use of his techniques in their quest to understand the market movements so that they may predict more accurately when they can make a move that will yield them the profit.
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