What are NFT Marketplaces and How to Trade? – NFTs cannot be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges like Fungible Tokens due to the smart contracts they are created. 

What are NFT Marketplaces and How to Trade?

NFTs have their own special marketplaces where trading and production transactions are carried out. NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be stored, traded, viewed and created.

In order to trade in NFT marketplaces, you must first register with the platform you have chosen. What you need to do is to integrate your wallet into the system, which is compatible with the blockchain supported by the platform you choose. 

Then you can create your profile from the page you are directed to and start the actions you want to do.

NFT Marketplace variants

NFT marketplaces are differentiated by content types and the different possibilities they provide.

Curated Platforms: Some of these NFT platforms only work with authorized artists, while others accept new users with the reference of those who use the platform. In short, if you want to produce NFT on such platforms, you must first go through the acceptance process.

These platforms allow you to produce not only your simple collections, but also your high-quality digital artworks. They curate the NFTs you create. For this reason, they have high transaction fees and low flexibility in the royalty percentages you will apply for your NFTs.

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