Gaming Companies Listed on the Indian Stock Exchange: Consider this: It's Friday night. School is out for the year, and summer vacation is just around the corner. You have no homework due dates, and your exams are completed.
You have unlimited time and there are no bedtime curfews. It's time to fire up the family computer and start playing your favourite game, Need For Speed: Most Wanted. We had no idea at the time that gaming would grow into a multibillion-dollar industry.
From desktops and joypads to smartphones and virtual reality gaming, the industry as a whole has come a long way. This blog will walk you through all of the gaming companies that are publicly traded on the Indian stock exchange. Before we get there, let's take a quick look at the gaming industry as a whole. In India, smartphones dominate the gaming industry, which is why we have surpassed the US in terms of user base.
When you consider our large population and low internet costs, it's no surprise that gaming has risen to this position. There are 502 million smartphone users in India alone, with the majority of them being game-compatible.
This has also created a new career path for game developers and designers. With rising demand, there must be an increase in supply to meet that demand. In India alone, there are approximately 1034 gaming startups. The Indian gaming industry is just getting started, especially after seeing a surge in user base in the last two years due to an abundance of free time and better internet access at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In comparison to the up-and-coming startups and companies working on the next generation of gaming that goes beyond conventional screens and systems, gaming companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchange are few.