As an organic color oxide pigment, it has a wide range of applications, has high chemical stability and physical fastness, and is widely used because of its own characteristics.

1. Alkali resistance: It is very stable to any concentration of alkalis and other types of alkaline substances, especially cement and lime mortar commonly used in construction, and does not pulverize or affect cement building components. Strength of. (Iron oxide yellow)

2. Acid resistance: It has certain resistance to general weak acids and dilute acids, but it can also gradually dissolve in strong acids, especially in the case of heating and concentration.

3. Lightfastness: The color does not change under strong sunlight exposure.

4. Heat resistance: It is stable within a certain temperature limit. When it exceeds its temperature limit, the color begins to change. As the temperature increases, the degree of change becomes more and more significant. The temperature limit of ordinary iron oxide pigments is as follows: oxidation Iron yellow gradually changes to red when it exceeds 130°C. Iron oxide red gradually changes color to deep red when it exceeds 300℃ (Rongchi iron oxide red can generally reach 500 degrees). Iron oxide purple gradually changes color to deep red when it exceeds 400℃. Iron oxide black gradually changes color to dark red when it exceeds 100℃. Iron oxide brown gradually changes color when it exceeds 130℃, and gradually changes color to red iron oxide green when it exceeds 200℃. Temperature limit for iron pigments.)

5. Weather resistance: not affected by atmospheric cold and heat, dry and wet and other climatic conditions.

6. Resistant to foul air: It is very stable in any foul gas, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon oxide, sulfur oxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxide and other gases.

7. Water resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance: insoluble in water, various mineral oils, vegetable oils, ethers, esters, ketones, etc. and other organic solvents, and there is no penetration phenomenon.

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