After playing but a top draft pick to look forward to at the close of each year, Alexander will be Mut 20 coins suiting up at the bay for the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers managed to snag the NFL Draft in Nick Bosa and brought in a lot of talent this offseason. They are many NFL analyst's black horse playoff team and it's largely because of amazing talent like Kwon Alexander's addition and the recurrence of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Alec Ogletree has been the one shining light onto a less than leading 2018 New York Giants defense. Ogletree started with the Los Angeles Rams and proved to be a good player for several years but never received adequate attention due to playing alongside other great players such as All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald.Despite losing several games Ogletree presented himself as a true playmaker and a force to be reckoned with. The challenge for the Giants is to have players that can contribute and allow him to create the defense a threat.

The youngest and most prominent name on this listing is your Georgia Bulldog, Roquan Smith. In 2018 the Chicago Bears suited up the league's #1 defense in every defensive category. Smith has been quite a surprise in the blitz packages and played a role. For a young child, Smith also showcased poise and amazing playmaking during the playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Smith place himself as another celebrity in that Bears defense and could probably be a star in 2019.

Despite being their healthiest and among the most consistent playmakers Benardrick McKinney is a name which will likely leave a lot of people scratching their heads.McKinney isn't only healthy, he's an athletic enthusiast who has speed and length making him a matchup nightmare. He's the Thomas Davis or Lance Briggs of those feared Texans defense.

Deion Jones is the best linebacker on this list that people do not know about. It is odd considering he plays to cheap Madden nfl 20 coins get a decently large market in the Atlanta Falcons, as well as being the best player in their defense alongside the defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.Jones received a brand new contract extension during the 2019 offseason and is coming from harm planning to direct the Falcons back into the playoffs. Julio Jones and matt Ryan are not currently getting any younger, therefore Garrett and Jones will need to help take the team.