How are carton forming machines (carton openers) classified?

Products can be packaged more effectively and safely with the help of a machine known as a carton opener, which opens the top and sides of a carton. To function properly, a carton opener may require operator input or input from an automated system, depending on the model and make.

What is a carton opener?

A carton opener is a machine that breaks open boxes or cartons of products. They come in different sizes and shapes, and can be manual or electric.

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How do carton openers work?

Depending on how they open a carton, carton openers are divided into different categories. There are three primary classifications of carton openers: hydraulic, a screw, and a blade. The film on the carton is cut through by blade openers. The film is pierced by screw openers using a screw. The film is broken by hydraulic openers using hydraulic pressure.

Types of carton openers

The two primary types of carton openers are: automatic and manual. Automatic openers cut the tape with a machine, whereas manual openers are operated by hand.

Blade type determines the classification of manual openers: either with a single edge or two. The tape can be cut in half with single-edged and double-edged blades. The first is better for products that are delicate because there is less chance of damage, but it can be harder to use.

The Triple-Seal machine is the most common type of automatic carton opener. The tape is cut by three blades: one in the middle, one on the back, and the front. This guarantees that the product has been fully opened and that there is no risk of it becoming stuck again.

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What are the benefits of using a carton opener?

Compared to manual methods, using a carton opener has numerous advantages. First and foremost, machines aid in speeding up the process of opening cartons. Second, they are able to make consistent cuts that make the cartons look better. Finally, when packaging products, they improve accuracy and efficiency.


There are a few different types of carton openers, each with its own set of advantages and features. Knowing the differences between these machines is essential if you want to start or grow a packaging and printing business so that you can select the best machine for your requirements. You should now have a better understanding of what carton openers can do for your business thanks to the information presented in this article.